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App store competition intensifies. Advertising will account for 28% of APP revenue in 2012.

recently, the market research company distimo reported that the number of apps in Apple's App Store app store has increased from less than 200000 in April this year to 300000, and the rapid growth rate has attracted the attention of the industry

there is no doubt that Apple's app store has become the most successful app store, which has also made apple a leader in the era of mobile Internet. The success of Apple's app store has also attracted operators, terminal manufacturers, platform providers and other parties to join the market of application stores, including Google's Android market, Nokia's Ovi, China Mobile's mobile market and so on

app store provides great convenience for users to download mobile applications, and mobile application embedded advertising has increasingly become an important source of income for application developers. According to Chetan Sharma consul's Ting statistics in the most widely used conventional plastic granulator equipment, advertising accounted for 12% of mobile application revenue in 2009 and 28% in 2012

mobile Internet is gradually changing from WAP pages to a large number of applications. Mobile applications are classified more and more carefully, applied more and more widely, and personalized. As for advertising communication, crowd segmentation is also becoming more and more accurate. Based on this point, mobile advertising, especially mobile application embedded advertising, will become a strategic battleground for effective communication between advertisers and consumers

google recently said that since 2007, its mobile advertising network AdMob has released 300billion advertisements. In May this year, AdMob published 200billion advertisements. The number of ads released by AdMob increased from 100billion in August 2009 to 200billion in nine months, and from 200billion to 300billion in five months, indicating that mobile advertising is growing rapidly

at present, mobile application embedded advertising has attracted more and more industry advertisers' daily attention and began to try. For example, among AdMob customers, many Fortune 500 companies, such as Ford Motor, Coca Cola, P & G, Adidas and Paramount Pictures, have launched it, and the advertising effect is remarkable

for example, recently launched IAD advertising on iPhone, resulting in an increase of 177% in ECPM (effective thousand cost display times) of iPhone application on this site. It indicates that the effect of IAD is 2-3 times better than that of ordinary display advertising

at the 2010 China mobile developers conference held in Beijing a few days ago, Li Kaifu, chairman and CEO of Innovation workshop, said that mobile Internet will become the next mainstream trend of China's Internet. Advertising is still the mainstream of mobile Internet applications and will play an important role in the rapid development of mobile Internet. Experts also agreed that the ratio of signal-to-noise ratio of mobile broadband acceleration and the total root mean square value of in band and out of band acceleration will occupy an unlimited share of the advertising market, and the preemption speed will be faster than the last round of online advertising

the era of mobile Internet advertising 2.0 has put forward higher requirements for advertising service providers, which not only lasts for months or even years, but also requires accurate matching of advertisers' needs and media resources based on technology; Moreover, we should conduct in-depth research and data accumulation on the needs of mobile Internet users. Therefore, it is not easy to become IAD or AdMob in China, and there is a very high threshold

the popularity of app stores has accelerated the transformation of advertising in the era of mobile Internet. Only mobile advertising service providers with the capabilities of technology, resource integration and advertising operation can win the first opportunity in the new era of mobile Internet advertising 2.0. Communication industry news

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