The company won the top ten core Excellence Awards

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Linuo company won the top ten core excellent suppliers of "Midea" in 2011

recently, the company won the honorary title of "top ten core excellent suppliers of microwave appliances with extensive functions of Midea pull machine" awarded by Midea Group. This is the ninth consecutive year that the company has won this honor

Midea Group, as one of the largest microwave oven manufacturers in the world, is extremely strict in the selection of suppliers. Jinan lino has maintained a long-term close cooperative relationship with it, which fully reflects the strong strength of the company and the high recognition of customers for product quality

in recent years, Jinan lino has been committed to improving product quality through equipment upgrading and technological innovation. In 2012, since the national accredited laboratory passed the on-site audit, the company has improved the product quality to a new level based on the ISO9000 quality management system, with "three precision management" as the core, through precision instruments and equipment, level by level laboratory analysis, and quality special meetings, focusing on the development of innovative design capabilities, international development trends, cutting-edge technologies, market demand Policy orientation and other industry development trends in the future. This will play an important role in the sustained and in-depth cooperation between the two sides and the formation of a more stable strategic cooperative relationship. Adopt step-by-step selection

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