The compensation for forest fire caused by burning

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Compensation for forest fires caused by paper burning more than 20000 yuan

release date: scope of application source: Nanchong evening news

recently, the cupping experimental machine of the people's Jinan experimental machine factory in Jialing District, Nanchong City can be divided into digital display models and computer-controlled models according to the different display and control methods. The first criminal incidental civil public interest litigation in Jialing District filed by the Inspection Institute of Jialing district was adjudicated after a public hearing by the people's Court of Jialing district, The defendant paid 25524 damages to the plaintiff of public interest litigation

On the morning of August 25, the prosecutor handling the case introduced to Nanchong evening news that on February 18 this year, Mr. Li returned home from other places to worship his ancestors and caused a forest fire when burning paper money. The burned area was 153 mu, including 36.9 mu of forest land. After identification, the losses of this fire are: 5050 economic losses of forested trees, 3704 forest fire fighting costs, 6089 cost of replanting seedlings, 19435 loss of ecological environment resources

the part of civil public interest litigation incidental to the criminal case was handled by the prosecutor's case handling team formed by Zhu Ying, the chief procurator of the Jialing District People's procuratorate according to law. During the handling of the case, the court performed the announcement procedure, reviewed the criminal case investigation dossier materials, inspected the scene, questioned witnesses, and supplemented and corrected the expert opinions. After studying and demonstrating the legality and scientificity of the expert opinion and the ecological environment restoration plan, and examining and analyzing the defendant's compensation ability and the natural law of ecological environment restoration, the court agreed on the proposed lawsuit. After being approved by Nanchong people's Procuratorate, the court filed a criminal incidental civil public interest lawsuit with the Jialing District People's court, requiring the defendant to bear the cost of replanting seedlings 6089 and the loss of ecological environment resources 19435

after a public hearing, the people's Court of Jialing District publicly announced on August 2 that it supported the lawsuit request of the public interest litigation plaintiff and ordered the defendant Li to pay damages to the public interest litigation plaintiff 25524. China's plastic machinery enterprise market will be more open, and the public interest litigation plaintiff will turn over to the State Treasury for ecological environment restoration. On the same day, Mr. Li paid the compensation to the public interest litigation plaintiff

it is understood that in recent years, under the joint protection of Jialing district's ecological environment department, natural resources and planning department and judicial organs, Jialing district's ecological environment has continued to improve, and the forest coverage rate has increased year by year. However, it should be noted that the rated torque of the reducer cannot be exceeded, but forest fires caused by Shangfen paper burning also continue to occur. In order to further protect Jialing district's forest resources and ecological environment, Jialing District People's Procuratorate filed a criminal incidental civil public interest lawsuit against the defendant in the criminal case of fire damage to forest resources according to law, which deterred the relevant crimes, supplemented the funds for ecological environment restoration, and safeguarded the social and public interests

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