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Competition between independent and foreign tire brands intensifies

China is the world's largest automotive market and automotive tire market, but the tire market is still the leading role of foreign brands

domestic tire brands are still unable to get rid of the current situation of low-cost competition, and lag behind international first-line brands in terms of R & D and manufacturing

international giants speed up China's current layout

multinational large tire enterprises, with strong capital and advanced technology, occupy an absolute advantage in the domestic car and light truck radial tire market

foreign funded enterprises account for about 70% of the car tire market share, while local enterprises only account for about 30%, and they are mainly concentrated in the replacement market, with a low share in the supporting market

at present, both international and domestic markets are still dominated by international tire giants such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Goodyear, Hantai and Dunlop

these international tire giants are accelerating the layout of the Chinese market

take the U.S. solid platinum tire, which ranks among the top ten in global tire sales performance, as an example

the company entered the Chinese market in 2006 and established GUPT tire (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. and GUPT tire Asia Pacific Technology Center in China

recently, this enterprise has made a new move by establishing a new joint venture in Qingdao

Bradley E. Hughes, CEO and President of GUPT tire, said: "this will enrich the supply source of GUPT all steel tires, and also reflect a high degree of confidence in the Chinese market."

in addition, with more than 3000 retail outlets in China, we will accelerate the establishment of experience centers in key cities, embrace Internet e-commerce, enhance channel capabilities and improve consumer experience, and further seize the Chinese market

independent brand Hukou grabs food

international tire giants have accelerated their pace in China. How to grab food from their mouths is a difficult problem for local tire enterprises that are leveraging the domestic market

Laiyanshan, general manager of Wanli Tire Co., Ltd., said that Wanli tire is focusing on the construction of R & D system and manufacturing system

in terms of R & D, Wanli Innovation Park, including Wanli rubber tire Research Institute and other three research institutes, as well as Wanli tire marketing center, was officially put into use in July this year

Wanli rubber tire Research Institute has absorbed the backbone talents from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Europe and other countries at home and abroad, introduced more high-end advanced equipment, and the experimental conditions have reached the international advanced level

in terms of production, Wanli Hefei factory was put into operation on November 9 this year. This investment plays a key role in the company's control of upstream resources. Wanli tire and JAC automobile pretreated the cartons under standard test conditions for 24h (generally, cartons users can unconditionally go to authoritative and impartial testing institutions for testing) and then retested, with a joint investment of 1.988 billion yuan

this factory has learned from the experience and advanced manufacturing technology of automobile, biopharmaceutical and other industries, and built the first tire factory in China that is intelligent in all fields, automatic in all processes and green in all directions

Fu Shoujie, chairman of Wanli Group, said, "the world's largest market will definitely give birth to world-class brands. Wanli tire must establish a world-class R & D system and manufacturing system to catch up with and surpass international tire giants."

not only Wanli tire, but also other local tire enterprises have made efforts in products, production, marketing, services, research and development

Qingdao senqilin tire avoids low price competition and trade barriers by improving product added value and brand strength

at present, Sen Qilin's high value-added products account for 50% of the total sales

according to the ranking of U.S. UIF tire market share at the additive manufacturing user group meeting in Chicago in 2015, Mori Kirin's delint brand entered the list with a market share of 2.5%, ranking 13th in the U.S. market

at the same time, delint brand, as well as another brand of Sen Qilin, road airlines, have a market share of more than 3% in the European car tire replacement market

the relevant person in charge of Sen Qilin tire said that although there is still a certain gap between independent tire brands and international first-line tire brands, the gap in technology and other aspects continues to narrow, and some technologies are even ahead of international brands

the price of the products exported by the enterprise is 8%-10% higher than the average export price of domestic peers, and the price of domestic products is 10%-15% higher than that of ordinary domestic tires

in recent years, Sen Qilin has tested domestic sales and continuously increased the proportion of domestic sales, which has now accounted for 20% of the total sales of the enterprise

xuwenying, vice president and Secretary General of China Rubber Industry Association, suggested that in the face of intensifying trade frictions and sharp fluctuations in the RMB exchange rate, tire enterprises should base themselves on China's domestic market, take into account foreign markets, and make brands and high value-added products

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