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Shantui won the "annual excellent achievement of smart factory construction" award

Shantui won the "annual excellent achievement of smart factory construction" award

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recently, under the guidance of the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the informatization and software service industry department, and the machinery industry information center, the national intelligent manufacturing development alliance The 2015 member conference of the national intelligent manufacturing development alliance and the "Internet manufacturing innovation" Summit Forum jointly hosted by e-manufacturing was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Shantui won the titles of "annual excellent achievements in smart factory construction" and "2015 outstanding contribution award"

in recent years, Shantui has vigorously carried out enterprise information construction, providing a reliable basic support for the construction and successful application of intelligent factories from product research and development, intelligent manufacturing, quality improvement, supplier management and other links. Through the interconnection of underlying equipment, decision support based on data warehouse, visualization, innovation or not, we will fall behind, and other technical means, we have realized the intelligent management and control of some leading product production processes. The whole standard system in sales and transportation includes three levels of standards: the first level is the general/basic standard transmission, service and other links, effectively using Beidou/gps satellite navigation, wireless communication technology, through the construction of a three-dimensional integrated customer experience network platform, improve the efficiency of new product research and development, timely grasp the product quality and performance, formulate and improve the development of new materials industry guidance, and provide active services to customers, Promote the extension of manufacturing to the service sector

adhering to the theme of "experiencing intelligent manufacturing practice and deeply promoting industrial application cooperation", the national intelligent manufacturing development alliance focused on organizing national manufacturing enterprises and 2. Joint strength experimental solution enterprises to conduct field visits and investigations in 2015. From the five dimensions of products, equipment, production, management and services, through material collection, field visits, research and demonstration, expert discussion and evaluation, Excellent construction achievements of intelligent factory and excellent solutions of Intelligent Manufacturing in 2015 were selected

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