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WISCO successfully produced the first batch of domestic hot-rolled U-shaped steel sheet piles

on February 23, the first batch of nearly 200 tons of domestic hot-rolled U-shaped steel sheet piles generally easily met the experimental requirements, and successfully rolled off the track and beam line in the large branch of WISCO strip general plant, marking that WISCO has the production capacity of this steel variety with high added value, relatively limited high-tech exports and high efficiency, filling the domestic gap

hot rolled steel sheet piles are widely used in large-scale key projects such as cofferdams, flood control, tunnel excavation, foundation pit support, etc. the sales of new energy vehicles decreased sharply in January. At present, China is all dependent on imports, and the market price remains high. According to statistics, at present, the annual consumption of imported steel sheet piles in China continues to grow, and the market prospect is broad

as a key effective variety, WISCO will pay more attention to work innovation on the other hand, and take the trial production of steel sheet piles as the key work in recent years. It has implemented five small batch trial rolling in 2009 and 2010, and gradually explored and accumulated trial production experience

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