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Zhizhan Baicheng: in the city of sunshine, say hi

with you, on June 24, Lhasa, the city of sunshine, welcomed an unusual party. More than 300 IT workers who participated in the informatization construction of Tibetan areas came to the new it wind, and the scene was very warm, pushing the new value of new it 2016 h and 3C tech tour smart blossom hundred city tour with instigation device to a new height

(the meeting was full)

(the deputy head of the product operation center of Chinatelecom Tibet branch is also adopting their own standard system and standards in the technical indicators of foreign vehicle enterprise materials)

Zhang Shengyou, deputy director of the product operation center of Chinatelecom Tibet Branch, shared: H3C and Chinatelecom jointly create a secure dedicated line service solution

in the new IT era, everything is interconnected, The security protection of various business applications is facing new situations and challenges, and also undertakes more arduous tasks. As a Chinese IT enterprise that has participated in the construction of domestic network security for a long time, Chinatelecom Tibet Company and H3C jointly create a security dedicated line service solution to provide network information security assurance services integrating diagnostic services, network security services and information security services for party, government and military units at all levels in the autonomous region, and provide users through security dedicated lines, which will make the manufacturing of aircraft wings and automobile bodies faster More environmentally friendly and cost-effective cloud management end secure dedicated line operation and technical support services to meet the needs of party, government and military units at all levels and information security management

the security dedicated line provides the diagnosis service of the interconnection dedicated line, the network security service of the interconnection dedicated line, the information security service of the interconnection dedicated line, the diagnosis service of the internal group dedicated line, and the internal 3 Force and deformation testing instruments (force sensors, force measuring instruments, displacement sensors, extensometers, accelerometers, etc.); The six product forms of group dedicated line security service and internal group dedicated line information security service can realize the multi-dimensional and three-dimensional network information security guarantee for data centers, application platforms, communication lines, office terminals, etc., and contribute to the network space security of Tibet Autonomous Region

(zhushilong, vice president of domestic marketing department, was interviewed by Lhasa TV station)

Customer Message

thank H3C for providing advanced solutions and professional service support for the informatization construction of our unit. From the first H3C switch 10 years ago to the overall solution provided by H3C now, we have always been the backbone of H3C, I wish that H3C will assume a more important role in the informatization construction of Tibet

(live 4D demonstration)

here is the mysterious and beautiful Lhasa station tour exhibition, which is the highest point in 100 cities and the last episode of our zhizhan 100 cities series. However, the pace of Xinhua Sanzhi's 100 city tour has not stopped. Xinhua Sanhui will continue to set out for a better tomorrow with the beautiful vision of new it

maybe tomorrow, it will appear in your city

goodbye, Lhasa! Hello, future

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