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Smart power supply and distribution says "pain points" and "opportunities" for the development of complete sets of plants in the electrical industry


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2019/11/6 16:27:51

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complete sets of plants in the domestic electrical industry are divided into two categories according to industry characteristics, A. high voltage complete sets of plants B. medium and low voltage complete sets of plants

1 Explanation of the term "complete set factory"

in the domestic electrical industry, complete set factory is a popular term for electrical complete set Switchgear Factory, also known as panel factory or panel factory, in English PB ("panel builder"). After the reform and opening up of new China, with the entry of a large number of foreign-funded enterprises into China, the concept of "panel factory" is gradually known in China's power supply and distribution equipment manufacturing industry

2. Current situation of complete sets of plants in the electrical industry

at present, the business survival mode of complete sets of plants in the domestic electrical industry is extremely simple, especially in the economically developed areas in the south where complete sets of plants are clustered, a large number of complete sets of plants are small enterprises, and even many are family workshop processing enterprises without formal qualifications. On the one hand, these small complete sets factories ignore the laws and policies. When there are orders, these small complete sets factories can produce in the way of 24-hour shift work, so they maintain almost zero inventory and have a very strong and fast delivery capacity. These are large enterprises that are in line with the rules, which Chinese enterprises cannot do. Because the equipment has no high-tech support, the equipment has no market competitiveness. When they have no orders, the production of the enterprise will stop completely, almost in a state of "closing", so the working hours of workers in these complete sets plants are extremely polarized. On the other hand, the sales mode of the complete plant is also extremely simple. No matter the salesperson of the company or other foreign agents, as long as they can bring orders to the complete plant, they can give a high commission in proportion. This simple market model driven by commission will inevitably bring great fluctuations and randomness of sales while bringing orders to the complete plant. At present, most domestic complete sets factories have cost driven mercenaries, who purchase different components, form cabinets in a way that has almost no added value, and then sell their own production and processing equipment to various end users by any means

complete sets of plants in the domestic electrical industry are divided into two categories according to the characteristics of the industry, A. high voltage complete sets of plants B. medium and low voltage complete sets of plants Due to the high technical content of UHV and UHV products, the production cost of high-voltage complete plants is also very high, and the enterprise investment scale is required to be large. Therefore, the industry entry requirements of high-voltage complete plants are higher, and the market concentration is also higher. Of course, the enterprise profits of high-voltage complete plants are also very high. On the contrary, medium and low voltage products are completely different, and the requirements for technology, capital, production scale and so on are relatively low, resulting in a large number of enterprises in the medium and low voltage product industry, uneven product quality, fierce industry competition, and the profit level of enterprises in the medium and low voltage product industry is getting lower and lower

with the development of the domestic market in recent years, interconnection, and the upgrading and progress of telian information technology, domestic complete sets plants are mainly facing the following development difficulties:

1. There are many peers, serious equipment homogenization, vicious price competition, frequent personnel flow, and it is increasingly difficult to receive orders

2. The complete plant has great capital pressure. At present, advance funds are required in the early stage of the project, coupled with high bank lending requirements, resulting in the cash flow problems of the complete plant

3. Technical weakness. At present, the complete set of equipment shows the trend of systematization, integration and intelligence, and imitation manufacturing no longer meets the requirements of technical development

opportunities for the development of complete sets of plants

at the third session of the 12th National People's Congress held on March 5, 2015, Premier Li Keqiang first proposed the action plan of "interconnection +" to promote the integration of interconnection, cloud computing, big data, IOT, etc. with modern manufacturing industry, and take the safety, efficiency and energy conservation of power supply and distribution as an important part of the 13th five year plan. The central government has increased its support for the integration of various industries with modern information technology, promoted "enterprises on the cloud" and implemented "cloud based management", which has become the main measures for industrialization and information integration. The scale of China's transmission and distribution DCS controller and electrical drive system installation and cabinet internal electricity market will be close to 320billion yuan. At the same time, it will enter a critical period of intelligent, integrated, complete and overseas transformation and upgrading. According to the industry report, the market growth demand for transmission and distribution equipment is still strong

at present, domestic complete sets plants are encouraged to develop the transmission and distribution and control equipment industry by industrial policies. The second is the construction of new urbanization, rail transit investment, a large number of new energy and brought new growth points. Thirdly, the construction of major projects such as West to East power transmission, north-south mutual supply, cross regional connection, South-to-North Water Diversion, smart power and so on will also drive the rapid development of China's power transmission and distribution equipment industry

goodlean can provide a safe and reliable smart cloud platform for equipment upgrading of complete plant enterprises

at present, many complete sets of civil building engineering indoor environmental pollution control code GB50325 ⑵ 001 enterprises are generally struggling in the mire of high cost and low profit in the increasingly fierce market competition. How can we get rid of this dilemma? It is a good choice to upgrade products, increase the scientific and technological content of products, and convert traditional high/low voltage distribution equipment into intelligent high/low voltage distribution equipment with cloud function. Li'an technology intelligent power supply and distribution solution helps you realize intelligent high and low voltage power distribution equipment

our smart power supply and distribution solution of Li'an technology is based on the current situation of smart spring tension and compression testing machine realized in high/low voltage distribution cabinet, transformer, box type substation, distribution box and power cabinet (box). Most of this type of testing equipment was manually loaded, simulated or singular display a few years ago. Based on this, it is connected to Anyi cloud through mobile Internet to build users' smart power supply and distribution cloud management system. Since its operation in 2015, the Anyi cloud platform of Li'an technology has more than 300000 online users and tens of millions of devices. The Anyi cloud platform has provided safe and reliable big data services to more than 300 service providers across the country

the purpose to be achieved by the cooperation between the complete set factory and goodlean company

1 Upgrade the power supply and distribution equipment of the complete plant to smart power supply and distribution equipment, and improve the market competitiveness of the complete plant

2. Improve the corporate image of the complete set factory enterprise, and upgrade from traditional production and manufacturing enterprises to scientific and technological enterprises

3. Provide equipment maintenance services, technical support and data services for the complete plant

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