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Witness extraordinary 2018, zhanchen paint and Jiangsu home furnishing enterprises join hands to fight 2019

witness extraordinary 2018, zhanchen paint and Jiangsu home furnishing enterprises join hands to fight 2019

January 11, 2019

smoke and water ride the lake, and Yunshan is suitable for the early days. On January 10, Wuxi was extraordinarily beautiful after the rain and snow. The fourth general meeting of the second session of Jiangsu wooden door special committee and the Sixth General Meeting of the first session of Wuxi Wood Industry Association were grandly held in Wuxi Seaview No. 1 Hotel. As one of the important participants in the transformation and upgrading of the furniture industry in Jiangsu Province, zhanchen paint gathered with representatives of member enterprises of the association to review the extraordinary 2018, discuss the general economic trend and small trends of the furniture industry in 2019, share the "oil to water" environmental protection coating solution, and promote the better development of Jiangsu furniture industry

▲ on the scene of the conference

review extraordinary 2018 to fight hand in hand on the afternoon of September 10, 2010, Feng Jianhua, President and director of Jiangsu Furniture Association, Yin Jiuzhen, President of Jiangsu wooden door special committee, Cao Wenming, President of Wuxi wooden door special committee, and Shan Kunpeng, Secretary general of Wuxi wooden door special committee, Ji Chunsu, executive president of Jiangsu wooden door special committee, Tang Lifeng, executive president, Zhou Qionghui, chief product officer of zhanchen coating Shanghai company, and Yang qiugui, sales director, More than 300 people attended the meeting, including zouyiping, general manager of Wuxi zhanchen, and other leaders and representatives of member enterprises of the association

during the meeting, representatives of participating member enterprises listened carefully to the 2018 work summary report by President Cao Wenming and the 2019 work plan report by President Yin Jiuzhen. The association commended "advanced enterprises", "honest enterprises", "excellent members" and "excellent suppliers of 2018". Zhanchen coating vigorously promoted the application of environmental protection coating for furniture and provided high-quality coating products and services for member enterprises of the association, which was unanimously affirmed by members of the association, so it was awarded the honor of "excellent supplier of 2018"

Wuxi zhanchen won the "excellent supplier"

2014 F series vehicles, which fully reflects the company's efforts to use recyclable materials in the production of vehicles

Wuxi zhanchen won the "outstanding member of 2018"

affected by the overall economic situation, 2018 was a difficult year for the wood industry and furniture industry, and the industry was facing huge environmental pressure, increased human resource costs, rising prices of raw and auxiliary materials Consumer market downturn and many other problems. In the face of difficulties and challenges, Jiangsu furniture enterprises actively respond to them, and maintain overall stable development through product quality improvement, process and technology improvement, production equipment renewal and other ways

in 2019, facing the new development trend, the association called on enterprises to recognize the "general trend" of the complex overall economic situation, closely follow the development requirements of the times, speed up the pace of upgrading the utilization level classification, scope, standards and policies of the combustion performance of thermal insulation materials, change to high-quality development, and win the opportunity brought by the "small trend" of oil to water environmental protection coating in the industry. Zhanchen coating takes "committed to customer success" as its own responsibility, and with professional environmental protection coating solutions and comprehensive service capabilities, it helps Jiangsu furniture enterprises realize the transformation and upgrading of "oil to water" to meet the new needs of market development

"oil to water" upgrading, zhanchen environmental protection coating escort

facing the new situation, we should have new thinking. At present, the green development of the furniture industry is the general trend, and the enterprises that take the lead in the transformation and upgrading of "oil to water" have won the first opportunity

▲ Zhou Qionghui, chief product officer of Shanghai zhanchen group, was invited to share the special topic of "whole wood customized home environmental protection coating" at the

meeting. President Zhou introduced the "environmental protection trend", "environmental protection coating of whole wood home" and "zhanchen's original application technology". In 2018, many places successively issued policies to further improve the requirements for environmental protection, and some furniture factories that failed to meet the standards have been shut down. As a leading enterprise of national coating brands, zhanchen took the lead in the research and development of water-based coatings with a forward-looking strategic vision. Based on its strong advantages in water-based coatings, UV coatings and water-based UV environmental protection coatings, it innovatively launched the "package solution for environmental protection coating of furniture", which includes the analysis of the current situation of furniture manufacturing enterprises, coating production line planning, operation guidance and training, daily maintenance and service and other dimensions, Provide a full range of services for furniture manufacturing enterprises, and help furniture enterprises achieve environmental protection coating upgrading

at present, zhanchen group's "environmental protection coating package solution" has been successfully applied in many fields such as suite furniture, wooden doors, cabinets, office furniture, and has won high recognition from many customers, including magnolia, Saint Austria, MAG, Tata, Mengtian, Qumei and so on

environmental protection upgrading of furniture manufacturing focuses on enterprise action. Jianlifeng, the production director of Jinhe home (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., whose quality will be more and more excellent, shared the successful road of environmental protection coating upgrading of "oil to water" of Jinhe home. Jinhe home furnishing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of cabinets, suites and fire-proof doors with wood veneers, which integrates R & D, production, sales and service under Singapore Xinghe holdings. In January 2015, it launched the project implementation plan of "changing oil paint to water paint"

▲ Jian Lifeng, the production director of Jinhe household, shared

president Jian said that after Jinhe launched the "oil to water" initiative, there are three requirements for the selection of suppliers' Cooperation: first, the confidence of suppliers, second, pay attention to the characteristics of details when using the cement pressure tester, and third, the patience of implementers, and third, the confidence of consumers. After several rounds of repeated argumentation, Jinhe household finally chose zhanchen coating as its strategic partner. In April 2015, it officially launched the oil to water small batch implementation project. Within one year, it gradually completed the re layout of the coating workshop, redesigned the product line according to the process, completed the technical transformation of a water-based line in the coating workshop, introduced complete sets of heating, sanding, combined roller coating equipment, and added full-automatic coating production lines such as vacuum spraying machines, Improve the standard configuration and solve the VOC emission problem

environmental protection coating is not only a process, but also a kind of persistence; Green is not only a goal, but also an action. Through data, photos and cases, President Jian shared the implementation precautions and production management of the "oil to water" project, and won a warm response on the scene

▲ zhanchen Wuxi Service Team

promoting the green development of the home industry is not only the general trend of building a beautiful China, but also the key for furniture enterprises to win the future. Zhanchen group leads the trend of furniture environmental protection coating, is confident to grow together with furniture enterprises, help furniture enterprises in Jiangsu region to upgrade environmental protection, jointly promote the green development of the large home furnishing industry, and contribute to the construction of "beautiful China"

▲ group photo of the conference

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