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Wisdom tooth technology won the 2016 "Metis Award" of the Ministry of industry and information technology

on October 27, the 2016 mobile intelligent terminal summit, directed by the Ministry of industry and information technology, hosted by the China Academy of information and communications, and hosted by the mobile intelligent terminal technology innovation and Industry Alliance, opened in Beijing. Wisdom tooth technology, which has been deeply involved in the field of intelligent customer service, won the Metis mobile cloud customer service innovation award at one stroke

Metis is an authoritative award jointly created by the Ministry of industry and information technology and Metis (mobile and wireless communications enablers for the twenty-three, after the hammer or puncture cone is promoted), a top think tank in the information and communication industry. It is the full name of the organization launched by the European Union, which is the key technology of wireless communication to build the 2020 information society. It represents the highest level of China's intelligent terminal industry, The Turing Award, known as the Turing Award in this field, is based on the ability of technological innovation, and allows academic indicators rather than commercial indicators to determine the final ownership of the award

the theme of this summit is the wide connection of all things and smart big data. Nearly a thousand people from the central ministries and commissions and local government representatives, industry leaders, well-known experts and scholars, intelligent hardware manufacturers, operators, Internet enterprise representatives and other representatives exchanged views around the latest development status and hot issues of mobile Internet, mobile intelligent terminals and so on. Peek resin will expand the scope of utilization and sharing in the automotive field, aircraft manufacturing, electronics and appliances, industrial manufacturing, medical and other fields. The annual award of mobile intelligent terminal Metis was also presented at the scene, and wisdom tooth technology won the honors together with well-known enterprises such as China Mobile, Alibaba qiandun, and easy to sell

as the solution of smart customer service in the mobile era, smart tooth customer service can easily meet and respond to the customer service needs in the mobile Internet era through the unified management of APP customer service workbench and various channels. This is also an important reason why smart tooth technology obtained Metis. As the leader of smart customer service industry, smart tooth has become the focus of mobile application service

wisdom tooth customer service system under wisdom tooth technology effectively integrates natural language understanding, machine learning and big data technology, and solves the customer service pain points of enterprises that cannot be solved by traditional customer service in the mobile era and experience economy. The first robot + manual mode in the industry, and the first to launch a full customer service platform that perfectly integrates robots, labor, work orders, and apps

by the end of September, smart tooth customer service enterprises had more than 30000 user registrations. LETV, Haier, Yixin, P used waste foam as aggregate, P car rental, aixianfeng, roseonly, blue harbor interaction and many other industry leaders have become smart tooth's small partners, covering Internet e-commerce, o2o, education, medical treatment, games and other fields

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