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Great Wall Motors: witness and promoter of China's automotive industry

difference between pressure testing machine and constant stress pressure testing machine: the key of constant stress pressure testing machine is to test the compressive strength of concrete test blocks. Recently, Great Wall Motors Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Great Wall Motors") released its 2018 annual results. The report shows that in 2018, Great Wall Motors sold 1.053 million vehicles, ranking among the million vehicle club for three consecutive years. It is worth mentioning that Haval, wey and Great Wall pickup trucks won the sales champion of SUV, China luxury SUV and pickup truck market in 2018 with 766100, 139500 and 138000 respectively

it has to be said that at this time, Great Wall Motors not only changed the embarrassing situation that China's auto market has been controlled by joint ventures such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea for a long time, but also grew into a Chinese auto enterprise that attracts the attention of the world with its rising brand influence year by year

however, no success is accidental. The development history of Great Wall Motors is the history of Transformation Driven by the market and enterprises

as early as 1984, Great Wall Industrial Company, the predecessor of Great Wall Motor, was established, mainly engaged in the enterprise refitting industry to distinguish horizontal and vertical tensile testing machines. In 1990, the young Wei Jianjun took over the Great Wall, and thus began his thirty years of walking side by side with Great Wall Motors. These three decades are also the most important three decades for the development of China's automobile industry. Wei Jianjun himself has also become one of the witnesses and promoters of the development of China's automobile industry

in 1996, the first great wall pickup truck (deer) came out, opening a chapter in the production and sales of automotive products by Great Wall Motors. Since then, Great Wall Motors has overcome difficulties and continued to innovate, and its product line has also developed from a single pickup truck to two product lines, pickup truck and SUV. In 2002, the first SUV Saifu of great wall was officially launched to the market, and quickly won high recognition from consumers with its friendly price and excellent product power

2003 is a year of commemorative significance in the development history of Great Wall Motors. This year, Great Wall Motors accounted for 35% and 25% of the domestic market share in pickup trucks and SUVs respectively, becoming the double champion of that year. At this point, the champion road of Great Wall Motors has officially opened

the sudden rise is accompanied by greater challenges. How to strengthen the leadership is a difficult problem for Wei Jianjun. In his view, only the layout of high-end and diversified products is the inevitable path for the sustainable development of enterprises

Wei Jianjun's insight into the future automotive market is undoubtedly accurate

Haval CUV, launched in 2005, as a product with a higher positioning than Great Wall Saifu, its appearance and interior have been greatly improved. In 2009, the upgraded version of Haval CUV, Haval H3, was officially unveiled and became a hot hit once it came out. The next year, Great Wall Motors unveiled its upgraded H5 on the basis of H3. Behind the continuous upgrading and optimization of products, it is also the performance of Great Wall Motors in terms of vehicle scenarios and user experience

in 2011, the Haval H6 of "divine vehicle" was officially launched. It has to be said that this is a product that has continued to be popular since its birth. Whether it is word of mouth or sales volume, it continues to create a miracle in China's auto market, and has won the champion of SUV sales for 69 months, which has become a good story in the industry

perhaps because of the unprecedented success of Haval H6, Great Wall Motors had the idea of challenging higher price joint venture vehicles. Therefore, Haval H8 and Haval H9 were born one after another. The arrival of these two vehicles has made great progress in the technical strength of Great Wall Motors. In order to further expand its advantages in the field of SUV, Great Wall Motors adjusted its strategy to "focus on SUV" and launched H2, H1 and H9 products at one time

since then, Great Wall Motors' leading position in China's SUV market has been continuously consolidated. In 2016, Great Wall Motors launched its independent brand wey. After the launch of its first car, wey vv7, with its outstanding appearance and luxurious interior, it not only boosted the continuous rise in sales, but also helped domestic cars break through the price ceiling of joint venture brand products

with the continuous promotion of national new energy related policies, Great Wall Motors once again sized up the situation, raised new energy vehicles to a strategic height, and launched the independent brand of new energy - Euler ora in August 2018

so far, four sub brands of Great Wall Motors, Haval, wey, Euler and pickup truck, have gathered, and a more complete product matrix has been built. Thanks to this, Great Wall Motors achieved growth against the trend and outperformed the whole market under the continuous cold spell in the overall car market in 2018. Among them, the Haval brand has achieved a total of 5million vehicles, the wey brand has also accumulated more than 220000 users in the two years since its launch, and the Great Wall pickup truck has been the sales champion of the domestic pickup truck market for 21 consecutive years

facing the future, Great Wall Motors has established the strategic development direction of "new four modernizations" with intelligence, interconnection, cleanliness and sharing as the core, and strives to realize the transformation from a traditional car manufacturing enterprise to an overall solution provider of intelligent travel. At the same time, Great Wall Motors has also accelerated the process of global layout with its global research, production and marketing layout, and is moving towards "building a more valuable and world-class national brand" as chairman Wei Jianjun said

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