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Under the "new infrastructure" tuyere, BOE industrial interconnection reshapes the manufacturing industry

with the new infrastructure first written into the government work report in 2020, the development of industrial interconnection and the promotion of intelligent manufacturing have once again become hot tuyeres. This means that in the context of how to promote high-quality social and economic development, new infrastructure and industrial interconnection have become a topic of great concern

the power of 1% can reshape the manufacturing industry

in 2012, when GE released the white paper "industrial interconnection: breaking the boundary between wisdom and machine", it was proposed that if the promotion and implementation of industrial interconnection can bring even 1% cost or capital savings to the industrial field, that is, a little progress from the perspective of efficiency improvement, the results will be extremely huge

in the report, it was calculated that in the next 15 years, in several key industrial fields, a 1% efficiency improvement will bring huge benefits. For example, a 1% fuel saving in the aviation industry will eventually save $30billion. A 1% fuel saving in the power industry means saving about $66billion. A 1% efficiency improvement in the medical system means saving $63billion.

the economic benefits brought by the power of 1%, It is crazy for global manufacturing enterprises to conduct on-site rock mass shear strength tests in adits. Technology giants such as IBM, Cisco and Intel have joined in succession, and more and more high-tech enterprises have emerged in China. According to the white paper on industrial interconnection platforms (2019) released by the industrial interconnection industry alliance, there are hundreds of industrial interconnection platforms of various types across the country, and more than 50 platforms with certain regional and industrial influence, including industrial enterprises Haier, Foxconn and BOE. They regard industrial interconnection as the main direction of industrial transformation and upgrading, Launched its own industrial interconnection platform

take BOE as an example. As a leading enterprise in the global semiconductor display field, BOE has accumulated rich experience in system construction while realizing intelligent production, and built a full value chain industrial interconnection platform integrating intelligent manufacturing, park management and enterprise operation, but it provides a very accurate information management

among them, the intelligent factory solution can quickly automatically analyze and predict the causes of defects in the production process by mining the relationship between product defects and many factors such as factory environment, equipment operation, process parameters, etc. in the massive production line data, and reduce the time for sorting out the analysis data of defects and making decisions from the original days to less than 30 minutes, which has brought great economic benefits to the factory, The intelligent level of the factory has been improved

taking the intelligent factory scheme as an example, the ADC (automatic defects classification) system, the core product provided by BOE for enterprises, is a fully automatic detection and classification of key defects in the production process by means of artificial intelligence deep learning algorithm and image recognition technology, for example, with spring washers. The advantage of this is that it solves the low efficiency of manual quality inspection and the risks of missed inspection and wrong inspection. Through artificial intelligence and image recognition, the errors of finished products can be eliminated quickly, which greatly improves the efficiency, accuracy, yield and production efficiency of enterprise quality inspection. The Industrial Park solution of BOE industrial interconnection platform adopts virtual visualization technology to realize 3D visualization of production equipment and park buildings, and intelligent management of personnel, vehicles, equipment, energy consumption, safety, etc., of which the efficiency of personnel/vehicle management is increased by 15%; Using systematic management equipment for patrol inspection, the routine inspection and data collection of a production line that used to take half an hour are shortened to a few minutes, and the efficiency of routine inspection is increased by 60%; According to different accident conditions, through the positioning system, it can intelligently inform different responsible personnel, link the surrounding video monitoring or start the relevant plan, trigger the alarm within a few seconds, and reduce the accident response processing time by 50%. In addition, BOE enterprise operation solutions can also provide enterprises with smart bus management, personnel electronic file management, conference management, green product management and other system solutions, and carry out customized development according to the actual needs of enterprises to help enterprises' information transformation

the traditional production mode has faced the ceiling in terms of cost and efficiency control, and it is urgent to break the deadlock with brand-new production concepts and methods. Just like Ford's assembly line subversion workshop, the empowerment of industrial interconnection to manufacturing enterprises is not only a technological change, but also brings subversive innovation to the management mode and production process of manufacturing enterprises, helping enterprises to continuously improve their core competition

to store energy for new infrastructure, 2020 or the outbreak period

at the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 has caused a huge impact on China's manufacturing industry, allowing the industry to see the important role of industrial interconnection in helping enterprises to fight the epidemic and resume production

on the evening of April 22, CCTV "LianBo" broadcast a report, "Fujian: mutual aid, win-win, precise collaboration and industrial linkage", which described how BOE Fuzhou generation 8.5 line solved its own problems of resumption of work and development during the epidemic period, and realized the interconnection, interaction and efficient collaboration between upstream and downstream enterprises through industrial interconnection solutions, so as to drive the collaborative resumption of work of the whole industrial chain. By adopting the BOE industrial interconnection solution, the time required for each process was greatly shortened, the impact of logistics, personnel, material supply and other factors during the epidemic was actively solved, and more than 300 upstream and downstream enterprises were promoted to work together

this epidemic has also made more enterprises realize that the establishment of industrial interconnection is an inevitable choice for enterprises' digital transformation. Especially with the development of new infrastructure, industrial interconnection, which will play an important role in accelerating the pace of Intelligent Manufacturing in China and alleviating the downward pressure on the economy, will also be expected

some insiders pointed out that industrial interconnection integrates the two forces of industrial revolution and Internet revolution, and has become a subverter of production, marketing and mode, as well as a reconfigurator of factories, supply chains and industrial ecology. The industrialization process that has been advancing vigorously for decades in China has opened a new transformation under the catalysis of industrial interconnection. The traditional industrial model is retreating, and industrial interconnection is moving towards the center of the stage

above the wind, the future is expected

in March 2020, the China Academy of information and communications released the economic development report of industrial interconnection industry (2020). The report predicts that in 2020, the economic added value of China's industrial interconnection industry will be about 3.1 trillion yuan, with a year-on-year actual growth of about 47.9%, accounting for 2.9% of GDP, and its contribution to GDP growth will exceed 11%. Among them, the added value of core industries will reach 652billion yuan, and the economic added value driven by integration will reach 2.49 trillion yuan

however, in the view of insiders, under the hot market, entrants should carefully consider their own positioning and accumulation. The building of industrial Internet platform requires the accumulation of technology, management experience, business model and talents. Those who enter the market blindly will also slowly exit in the future

BOE has been deeply engaged in industry for 27 years, has a complete industrial interconnection system covering the whole value chain of design, supply, production and marketing, has accumulated huge industrial data, professional knowledge and rich practical experience, has fully realized intelligent production, digital operation and maintenance, lean management, and has more than 800 mature standard management platforms and R & D platforms. Facing intelligent factories, industrial parks and enterprise operations, BOE provides all-round, one-stop and intelligent industrial interconnection solutions. Relying on the independently developed industrial interconnection platform, BOE realizes cost reduction and efficiency increase from the aspects of design, supply, production and marketing

on job 5 Under many conditions, such as the vigorous strength of the interconnection of electronic and chemical materials industry in epidemic prevention and control and stabilizing positive economic growth, as well as the increasing attention of the country, industrial interconnection has been above the wind. Enterprises that understand industrial manufacturing and can overcome digital technology problems, and can also act as a testing ground themselves, are preparing to rise in the wind

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