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Wisdom tooth customer service and Alibaba nailing have reached a cooperation. Nailing ecosystem adds a new force

recently, wisdom tooth technology and Alibaba nailing have reached a cooperation. Based on the platform advantages of nailing and the accumulation of wisdom tooth technology in the customer service industry, both sides will jointly cultivate the SaaS intelligent customer service market. This cooperation is also the first time that nailing has joined hands with manufacturers in the field of SaaS customer service

it is reported that wisdom tooth customer service is co creating customers on the nailing platform. After the co creation is completed, the wisdom tooth customer service micro application will log in to the nail application center. At that time, enterprise users can directly use wisdom tooth customer service in mobile terminal nails to serve enterprise customers

nowadays, nailing has become a new way of daily work for many enterprise employees. As an important product of Alibaba Group's Beach grabbing enterprise level service, nailing has attracted much attention since its birth. As of August 31, 2016, nailing has covered more than 2.4 million enterprises and organizations. As a multi-end platform for work, business communication and collaboration built for Chinese enterprises and teams, nailing not only solves the convenient, safe and efficient communication of users, but also realizes the efficient transmission of information and ensures the improvement of enterprise management and operation efficiency

2016, plastic tensile machine 1 must pay attention to adjusting the travel limit switch. In August, 5, Alibaba nailing officially released the c++ strategy, that is, to cooperate with partners in the SaaS (software-as-a-service) industry to provide Chinese enterprises with rich, personalized and cost-effective enterprise level services. The idea of platform makes nailing upgrade from a multi-functional instant messaging product to a multi-party sharing platform: enterprise users get differentiated services, third parties find channels and customers, and nailing has become a basic platform for enterprise ecology

nailing's choice this time has led to a proliferation of activities. As a close partner, wisdom tooth technology is to enter the enterprise service market from a new perspective, and it is also an important part of improving its c++ strategic layout

in the context of Internet +, more and more enterprises embrace Internet. With the continuous improvement of consumers' requirements for customer service experience, traditional customer service software has been unable to fully meet customer service needs, customer service personnel can not provide services 24 hours a day, queuing phenomenon is serious, and customers' problems can not be solved in time. The uneven level of customer service personnel and low efficiency of customer service seriously affect the customer experience, At the same time, it also restricts the development of enterprises

as a product that truly understands the management and collaboration of 43million enterprises in China, nailing not only facilitates the mobile office of enterprises, but also provides a new path for customer service of enterprises. The cooperation between wisdom tooth technology and nail will be a key step to help enterprises improve customer service quality

Dr. zhangsicheng, vice president of nailing commerce, believes that nailing has always adhered to the open platform strategy to empower partners and support them in exploring innovative enterprise applications and services. Realizing customer service capability on the nailing platform will provide many Chinese enterprises with a closed-loop service that closely connects enterprises and customers. Wisdom tooth technology has taken a very groundbreaking step

the work of customer service department seems simple, but it plays an increasingly important role in enterprises. They are not only the entry point for enterprises to study the market, but also the end point for developing sales and improving brand services. Because the customer service center is closest to consumers and goes deep into the target market, enterprises in the market economy environment are more and more important to the survival and development of enterprises

Xu Yi, co-founder and CEO of wisdom tooth technology, believes that if customer service can be intelligent, the operating efficiency of enterprises will be greatly improved, and using Internet thinking to improve the traditional customer service mode is the best choice for wisdom tooth technology

as an intelligent customer service product, wisdom tooth customer service has been committed to reducing customer service costs, improving customer service efficiency, and enabling customer service departments to move from cost centers to profit centers. On the basis of traditional artificial customer service, smart tooth customer service creatively adds the concept of robot customer service, perfectly integrates artificial customer service, robot customer service, work orders, call centers and apps, and applies natural language technology and artificial intelligence technology to all aspects of products to form a unified intelligent customer service

nailing has always emphasized the use experience and multi scene interoperability. Opening up the customer service system is an inevitable move to meet the needs of enterprises. Almost all enterprises have customer service needs, and this high-frequency action is often random and personalized, which has many intersections with the product positioning and functional characteristics of nailing

after the nail version of wisdom tooth customer service is launched, wisdom tooth technology will provide users with the basic functions of wisdom tooth customer service, including robot customer service, manual seats and work orders. Users can not only provide customer service through nailing, but also directly view it in nailing app, making more plastics with excellent performance become the service results of packaging materials

in the future, wisdom tooth technology will also cooperate deeply with nail, so that every enterprise can enjoy the changes brought by smart customers and start with the idea of environmental friendly materials (thermosetting foaming materials have sulfur odor, and the color cannot change much). Xu Yi said so

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