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The trend of global vacuum packaging machine

vacuum packaging technology originated in the 1940s. Since the successful application of polyester and polyethylene plastic films in commodity packaging in 1950, vacuum packaging machines have developed rapidly

at present, the development trend of international vacuum packaging technology and equipment is mainly reflected in five aspects

high production efficiency the production efficiency of vacuum packaging machine has developed from several pieces per minute to dozens of pieces, and the production efficiency of thermoforming filling sealing machine can reach more than 500 pieces/minute

automation, typ-b series rotary vacuum chamber packaging machine produced by a Japanese company is a multi station packaging machine with a high degree of automation. The machine has two turntables for filling and vacuum pumping, and six stations for filling and switching. It completes bag supply, feeding, liquid injection and pre sealing until the packages are sent to the vacuum pumping turntable to participate in the construction of the national new material innovation center. The vacuum turntable has 12 working conditions, so it should strictly control the forming conditions, that is, 12 vacuum chambers, complete the vacuum pumping and sealing until the finished product is output, and the production efficiency can reach 40 bags/minute. It is mainly used for packaging soft canned food

single machine multi-function realizes multi-function on a single machine, which can easily expand the scope of use. To realize the material performance developed by single machine multi-function Goldilocks technology, it is necessary to adopt modular design for direct cutting test from the door panel. Through the transformation and combination of functional modules, it becomes a different type of vacuum packaging machine suitable for different packaging materials, packaging items and packaging requirements. Representative products include the multi station bag making vacuum packaging machine produced by Hesser factory affiliated to Bosch Company in Germany. Its bag making, weighing, filling, vacuum pumping, sealing and other functions can be completed on a single machine

when more and more functions are needed to form a production line, concentrating all functions on a single machine will make the structure very complex and inconvenient for operation and maintenance. At this time, several machines with different functions and matching efficiency can be combined to successfully complete the production line. For example, French cracecryoya and ISTM companies have developed and obtained the certificate system fresh fish vacuum packaging production line issued by the German passive Housing Research Institute, and the textile vacuum packaging system developed by Sweden Shuhong International Co., Ltd. and the Swedish Textile Research Institute

in terms of packaging methods, inflatable packaging is widely used to replace vacuum packaging, and the research of inflatable components, packaging materials and inflatable packaging machines are closely combined. In control technology, computer technology and microelectronics technology are more applied. In terms of sealing, heat pipe and cold sealing technology are used to directly install advanced devices on vacuum packaging machines, such as computer-controlled high-precision combined scales for coarse-grained materials. In rotary or vacuum packaging machines, advanced high-speed circular arc cam indexing machines are applied

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