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Trend technology pushes the new version of home anti-virus software and built-in enterprise AI detection engine

trend technology's new version of home anti-virus software PC cillin 2018 prevents ransomware attacks from the feature code and behavior mode, and provides security protection for the default folder. Once a program attempts to encrypt the folder, it will immediately block the malicious program, which is applicable to Microsoft and MAC platforms, and can be extended to the full magnetic area of the computer Protection of portable disk and cloud synchronization folder

Zian trend technology officially launched the latest home version of anti-virus software PC cillin 2018 in Taiwan today (19). For the first time, xgen, the smart AI anti-virus detection engine used in the enterprise version of anti-virus OfficeScan, is built into the home version products to strengthen the detection of various variants of blackmail software. In addition to the security of mobile devices, it also provides the detection function for line and WhatsApp transmission address connections, High efficiency simply supported beam impact testing machine for Android mobile devices, new anti-theft racket 1 Temperature measurement range: 300 ° ~ +1200 ° photo function. If someone attempts to input the wrong password for 3 times, he will secretly take a photo of the person trying to unlock it and send it back to the user's set e-mail by email

Zhufangwei, marketing manager of trend technology products, said that 80% of malicious programs are spread mainly through malicious addresses. Therefore, if these malicious links can be effectively filtered and blocked, the chance of virus infection for general network users will be greatly reduced. ". Therefore, in the new version of PC cillin 2018, through the xgen intelligent anti-virus engine, we can actively detect malicious links, including e-mail, websites, Facebook and so on. We can also quickly determine whether it is a malicious file for defense by analyzing the signature code and behavior pattern of the file in the user's computer

ransomware is also one of the most serious threats to asset security in recent years. According to statistics from trend technology, Taiwan has been attacked by ransomware more than 20 million times in the past year and a half, and the population density of attacks ranks third in the world, only second to Israel and Austria. In order to fight against the threat of ransomware, Zhu Fangwei pointed out that the new version of PC cillin also strengthens the detection of ransomware and malicious programs. You can preset the folder you want to protect. If there is a ransomware virus, you need to encrypt it. We can understand the principle of a pull machine through the following parts: when the folder is in use, you can immediately block the malicious program, and the encryption of this folder can also be extended to the entire magnetic area and portable disks, Even the information that the client and cloud storage are synchronized has been discussed in the industry. "This data protection function is not only applicable to Microsoft platform, but also extended to Mac OS platform," she said

in terms of the protection of mobile devices, Zhu Fangwei said that since up to 50% of the people do not confirm the correctness of the information and the security of the address when posting various network information, the new version of anti-virus software also provides the function of instantly detecting malicious addresses in Android 4.1 and above mobile devices, including line and WhatsApp messages, including the connection of Android SMS, and also instantly detecting security

the loss of mobile devices is a pain point for many users. Zhu Fangwei believes that in addition to the traditional functions of locating, alarming, remote locking and deleting data for the loss, the anti-theft camera function is launched for Android for the first time. As long as someone attempts to unlock the password and mistakenly enters it three times, PC cillin will start the camera function, secretly take the photos of the Unlocker and send them to the user's preset e-mail box, It can increase the probability of retrieving the lost

hongweigan, general manager of trend technology, said that as early as 2013, the company had used AI as the address detection function in the web, spam, social media and other media, but because the file detection was careless, it might even cause the system to crash, because the company did not officially use it for file security detection until it confirmed that the AI technology was stable and mature

hongweigan pointed out that in order to ensure the safety of products, trend technology is now more active in establishing a red team responsible for conducting penetration tests of various products and services, in addition to conducting internal product hacking for each product every year and providing high bonuses to teams or members who find product vulnerabilities. He said, "in addition to improving the security of products, we can also improve and improve the security of products from the perspective of hackers."

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