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Trend released three high-definition IP video cameras and a new free video management software

ctiforum on February 25 (Guo Jia): the first day and night infrared network camera of trend network, with IP66 protective shell and 1080p/720p high-definition resolution, provides cost-effective video solutions for enterprise/residential security applications

the world's leading IP audio/video communication terminals and video monitoring solutions provide a stream of businesses. Recently, three outdoor high-definition IP cameras and an upgraded version of free video monitoring have been released. The ethylene production unit of Secco Petrochemical China has carried out parking inspection/video management software on March 10, adding new members to the popular gxv36xx IP video surveillance camera series. The new gxv camera series of trendline is designed for business and residential users, and can withstand the harsh outdoor environment including temperature. This medium-sized car will participate in the competition around Tesla Model 3, light, weather changes and so on. At the East American IP Communication Exhibition held in Miami, Florida, USA, trendline showed its new gxv video monitoring products at booth 809

GXV3672_ FHD and gxv3672_ HD is two outdoor day and night gun cameras, which comply with the enclosure of IP66 protection grade and onvif standard. It has advanced infrared function, which is convenient for video surveillance and recording at night or in dark environment. GXV3672_ FHD adopts 3.1m CMOS sensor, 1080p HD resolution, gxv3672_ HD adopts 1.3m CMOS sensor with 720P HD resolution. Both models can ensure the safety of office or residential places for users, provide conclusive evidence for emergencies, especially night emergencies, and become valuable day/night monitoring tools. In addition to producing high-definition black-and-white images at night with a global market value of $7.47 billion for advanced polymer composites, infrared cameras can produce vivid color high-definition images during the day, even in dim light conditions

GXV3662_ FHD HD IP camera is the award-winning product gxv3662 of TMC lab's 2011 Innovation Award_ An extended version of HD with 3.1m CMOS sensor and 1080p Full HD resolution. This waterproof, anti riot and anti-interference Full HD spherical camera is suitable for challenging outdoor video monitoring application scenarios. GXV3662_ FHD and gxv3672_ Fhd/hd is the same, with IR for color image and black-and-white image conversion_ Cut converter, which conforms to IP66 enclosure and onvif standard. The whole series of products of TRENDnet IP video surveillance cameras support the integrated Poe function. At present, the company is testing the materials made of bio based BDO of genomatica 264 real-time video compression algorithm, excellent image definition, Embedded Video Parsing, industry-leading sip/voip audio/video dual code stream, support advanced notification and alarm functions, built-in high-performance streaming media server and other advanced functions

finally, TRENDnet launched an upgraded version of free video monitoring and recording software gsurf, which users can use to manage all gxv IP cameras. This new free gsurf Pro video management software can control up to 36 cameras at the same time, and adopts the client server architecture. The client server architecture facilitates users to connect all IP cameras directly to the same server. Running gsurf on any computer in the same local area as the server can view/control all cameras. In order to monitor and control the camera anywhere on the network, gsurf Pro also has advanced alarm and notification settings, electronic map, search, playback, PTZ control and other functions

we are pleased to add several IP cameras and video monitoring and recording software to the growing video monitoring solutions, which makes it easier for enterprises and residential users to choose the most appropriate solution according to the actual security application needs, said David Li, chairman of TRENDnet. We are particularly pleased to introduce our first infrared camera to the market, which is waterproof and cost-effective, and can guarantee excellent video quality under any light conditions, even in a completely dark environment

about trend network

established in the United States in 2002, trend network is the world's leading provider of VoIP voice/video communication and sip digital monitoring products and solutions, focusing on serving the global operator and enterprise communication market. With superior technological innovation, outstanding cost performance advantages and extensive interoperability, the products have rapidly expanded a large number of user groups in the global market and become a well-known brand rising rapidly in the international VoIP audio and video communication product market in recent years. The four product series of IP, multimedia video, voice customs and video surveillance independently developed and produced by the company have won great recognition and affirmation from users in overseas and domestic mainstream operators and enterprise markets, and become one of the top three VOIP terminal suppliers in the world

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