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On the afternoon of April 19, Diao Shijing, deputy director of the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the three convergence has entered the substantive planning stage and will officially enter the promotion stage in 2013

Diao Shijing believes that the country divides the three integration into two stages, of which the pilot stage is from 2010 to 2013. After several years of experience accumulation, it will officially enter the promotion stage in 2013

2010 is of great significance for the development of China's communication industry. Click the "valve port reset" button, which can be combined with other experimental data on the main interface. In mobile communication, Diao Shijing said that the three major operators have promoted the development of 3G users in an all-round way from the aspects of brand, terminal policy and business support. 3G has accelerated its start and made great progress. In 2010, the number of users in China reached 842million, an increase of 16.0% over 2009. In addition, new industries such as domestic IOT, tri convergence and smart city are also deepening and improving. Port cargo can achieve experimental throughput capacity of more than 120 million tons in two situations of simply supported beam and cantilever beam. Finally, Diao Shijing concluded that 2011, as the beginning year of China's 12th Five Year Plan, is also a key year for communication development. The promotion of mobile Internet, the establishment of LTE test, the implementation of three integration pilot work, and the in-depth development of IOT applications will all enter a critical stage. C114 China Communications

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