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Trexel and 3M show new products combining resin and foaming technology

at the hot K 2013 site, 3M company, a manufacturer of high-strength hollow glass beads, and trexel company (the exclusive supplier of MuCell microcellular foam injection technology) exhibited innovative products made by combining various polymer resin systems optimized by 3M glass bubbles im16k with trexel's unique MuCell foaming technology

Doug Rowen, President of 3M hollow glass beads global business, said: 3M hollow glass beads or tre at the same time, but the elongation of materials is generally higher. When used alone, Xel's MuCell foaming technology can reduce weight% while maintaining the same physical and mechanical properties. However, the two technologies complement each other, which can greatly reduce the weight, shorten the molding cycle time, and improve the dimensional stability of the finished product

as a part of 3M's series of high-strength hollow glass beads, the company's latest product im16k in the series of flexible packaging technology is specially developed for the automotive industry. Im16k is a high-strength injection grade hollow glass bead used in polypropylene, polyamide and other polymerization trial run experimental machine systems, with a crushing strength of 16000psi, so it will not be damaged in the injection molding and mixing process. Adding hollow glass beads (such as im16k) can improve dimensional stability, reduce shrinkage and warpage, and thus reduce waste products and returned workpieces

with the resin system filled with im16k, the manufacturer can also improve the production speed, because the quality of the finished product to be cooled is small, and the molding cycle time can be shortened by 15%-25%

in addition, MuCell foaming technology uses a controlled amount of gas to manufacture foaming parts, so it can produce high-precision engineering plastic parts, which not only uses a small amount of materials, shortens the molding cycle time, but also reduces the requirements for machine clamping tonnage and greatly reduces the production cost

using the MuCell process, auto parts manufacturers can reduce the weight of plastic parts, thereby reducing the weight of the whole vehicle and improving fuel economy. With this process, the size of the parts is stable and the reproducibility is good, so the resin with low cost can be used without warping or distortion

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