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Try Samsung ua65mu7700jxxz 65 inch 4K smart network LCD TV evaluation opinions

today we bring you Samsung hot selling 65 inch TV: Samsung ua65mu7700jxxz65 inch 4K smart network Ultra HD LCD flat panel TV, dynamic crystal magic technology elite control black hdr1000, as follows to collect the latest evaluation and detailed configuration parameters of this TV trial friends, hoping to help you choose samsung/Samsung ua65mu7700jxxz65 inch 4K smart network reference

I. how about Samsung ua65mu7700jxxz TV? Is it easy to use

trial model: Samsung ua65mu7700jx current XZ TV

reference quotation: ¥ 6999.00

try for a week experience:

(1) it is more powerful than expected. You can see the picture quality directly with the hot spot. The delivery and installation are timely. The remote control is also relatively advanced. I am very satisfied with this purchase

5. The cold and hot shock testing machine has no fuse switch (circuit breaker) and temperature over temperature protector (2). The seat is 3 meters away from the TV_ Appropriate. I don't feel close. Easy to operate. When will the stereo arrive

(3) Samsung's panel is really awesome, with high color reduction, and the installer is also very responsible. Before considering Sony 8566, he finally chose Samsung. As expected, there is no urgent need to develop a new chemical power supply with high energy, low cost, small size and long service life. There is a wrong choice

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