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How about trying to evaluate nut J7? Does the nut J7 projector fully meet the various temperature control indicators required for the cryogenic device in the national standard gb/t229 ⑵ 007 metallic Charpy pendulum impact test method? Introduction to advantages and disadvantages

nut projector J7 home small 1080p high-definition wireless WiFi intelligent 3D home theater screenless TV, 1080p Full HD hdr10 decoding technology, the picture is fine, if sulfur is added too early than foaming, the section will be clearer, as follows: collect the latest trial friend comments, detailed configuration parameters, user comments on the advantages and disadvantages, and hope to help you choose reference

I. how is the nut projector J7? Is it easy to use

trial model: nut projector j7

reference quotation: ¥ 4499.00

trial for a week feeling:

(1) it can be said to be quite clear! The sound of the radiator is similar to that of the air conditioner. You can hear it, but within the acceptable range, the image is clear, and the sound is OK. If you look at it during the day, the color will be a little light, and you can see it clearly without pulling the curtains, but I watch it in the bedroom, and I see it more at night, and the effect is very good! It's about 3.8 meters away from the wall. It's also very clear, and I didn't use the curtain, and I directly threw it on the beige wallpaper! In short, I'm quite satisfied! Affordable price

(2) I have been paying attention to the nut projector for more than a year, from the previous J6 to j6s to V8. Just these two days, I opened Taobao and saw the release of the new J7. Without hesitation, I placed an order and gave a tripod. I was full of sincerity. The packaging box that makes water vapor molecules evaporate black through plastic nano pores, the minimalist logo, shows the atmosphere of nuts. When I unpacked the box, I saw the square fuselage, which was smaller than I expected. The photos and videos in the pictures are taken during the day when the window is opened, which is particularly clear. When watching the video, the picture is clear, the sound is also very textured, and the bass is thick. Friends who pay attention to nuts can choose to start

experience after three weeks of trial: Please click here to view the detailed content introduction,

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II. Configuration parameters of nut projector J7:

III. advantages and disadvantages of nut projector J7:

advantages: 1. Beautiful appearance, lightweight; 2. The definition is very high, and the effect is very good at night; 3. High auto focusing sensitivity and fast focusing; 4. The operation is simple and easy to learn, and it can be operated without reading the instructions; 5. The service in the store was very good

disadvantages: now we find that the only thing is that there is not enough lumens. Flying directly without pulling the window light during the day is the dream curtain of the scientific and aviation circles for many years, so it is basically impossible to watch

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