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The three integration schedule of Jiangsu Province determines that 2015 will cover the whole province

yesterday, it was learned from relevant channels that the three integration promotion schedule of Jiangsu Province has been clear: the first phase of the pilot is from July 2010 to June 2011, which is mainly to carry out the pilot work of the first batch of pilot areas (cities) in the country, and the second phase is from July 2011 to the end of 2012, which is mainly to carry out the work of the second batch of pilot areas (cities) in the country. From 2013 to 2015, it entered the stage of comprehensive promotion, and popularized the three integration in the whole province

it is reported that the major projects implemented by Jiangsu Province to promote the "three convergence" in 2011 include: the further improvement of information-based market collaboration, the upgrading and reconstruction of modified plastic infrastructure, the co construction and sharing project, and the application and promotion project based on the "three convergence", including the upgrading and reconstruction project of Telecom optical fiber broadband, and the fluctuation of radio and television digitization and frequency does not exceed ± 2% of the rated frequency; Two way, interactive, HD reconstruction project, etc

according to the calculation of Academician Wu Hequan, head of the expert group of the national three integration coordination group and Secretary General of the Chinese Academy of engineering, the three integration will drive investment and consumption of 688billion yuan in the next three years. He believed that promoting the three integration will provide a rare opportunity for the new round of accelerated development of broadband industry, information terminal industry, software industry, IOT industry and cultural industry in our province

it is learned that as one of the first pilot cities in China, radio and television and telecommunications in Nanjing have successively provided three integration services, such as the Internet access service of radio and television and the IPTV service of telecommunications. At present, 80000 radio and television broadband users and 280000 Telecom IPTV users enjoy the benefits brought by the integration service. Both sides are actively promoting the construction of optical fiber to the home and the expansion of high-definition television. In about years, more than 60% of users in Nanjing can enjoy interactive and HD TV services; And accelerate the pilot of 4G network construction on the basis of 3G network; Build a three industry integration base. It mainly promotes the construction of 50 key projects, including China mobile game base, East China logistics base, Chinatelecom game operation center, China Unicom game and animation base, and Jiangsu Guangshi film base

the person in charge of relevant departments in Nanjing said that the three integration involves many upstream and downstream enterprises, such as wired networks and JC 688 ⑵ 006 glass magnesium flat plate - the transformation of telecom networks for screw grip force experiment, highly integrated chip manufacturing, content production, settlement and network maintenance software, telecom equipment, etc. Initially, the three integration will drive the development of the four major industries in Nanjing, which can reduce the cost from raw materials, tooling, technology, production cycle and other aspects: first, terminal products. The key industries are set-top box, video, TV, PC and so on. Second, communication equipment. The key industries are optical fiber, optical transmission equipment, optical insertion and distribution equipment, amplification equipment, photoelectric conversion equipment, base stations and controllers. Third, software products. The focus is on terminal device driver software, operating system, 3G and 4G communication network device software, value-added service software, support software and other industries. Fourth, information and value-added services. The focus is on value-added services such as teletext, VoIP, video mail and online games. It is understood that in 2012, the scale of industries related to the three integration in Nanjing is expected to reach 120billion

at present, other cities in Jiangsu Province are also actively preparing for the three integration work. The provincial three integration coordination group is preparing the guidance on promoting the three integration in Jiangsu Province, which will provide financial and tax support for promoting the R & D and industrialization of products involved in the three integration in Jiangsu Province. Xinhua newspaper

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