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Triangle group passed the AAA certification of ISO10012 measurement management system

the evaluation team of Shandong Branch of Zhongqi Measurement System Certification Center conducted a two-day audit on the operation of the measurement management system of triangle group, and the audit conclusion was: "the measurement management system operates effectively, the measurement process control meets the specification requirements, and meets the AAA measurement management system certification standard."

aaa level to make the reading accurate. The measurement management system shows that the measurement management system of the enterprise meets the requirements of the confirmation specification. This marks that the measurement management work of triangle group can basically meet the requirements of ordinary plastic raw material processing and plastic waste processing and molding, and has stepped to a new level. At the same time, it indicates that the measurement management work of the enterprise in the future will be more scientific, standardized and standardized, effectively support the company's quality management system, and serve the company's quality management without feeling greasy

The AAA measurement management system certification is the highest recognition of the measurement management ability of enterprises in China at present. Through AAA measurement, vigorously developing the cold chain transportation management system certification provides a stable measurement basis for improving the market competitiveness of enterprises and participating in domestic and foreign economic activities, and adds a heavy weight to the triangle group in various product evaluation activities

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