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Encoder plays an important role in the main motor of wind turbine

cst (custom sensors technologies) is a professional sensor manufacturer providing supporting solutions for wind turbines. Its brand Bei sensors is merged by Bei ideacod, Bei Duncan and Bei industrial. Among them, Bei ideacod encoder is used for speed feedback of main generator on the fan. Encoder is a very important sensor component in fan, and its reliability directly affects the quality of power supply

bei ideacod has more than 40 years of product development and application experience in heavy haul industry. In some large drives, including the speed measurement of large generators, I have quite a lot of field experience and application experience. Especially in the wind power industry, many world-renowned wind turbine manufacturers use our products for their generator speed measurement. We can also customize the encoder according to customers' on-site requirements based on our technology. Bei ideacod's heavy-duty encoder (model: ghk/ghu) has the following characteristics:

(1) the heavy-duty encoder can withstand the applications and environments that often make the standard encoder fail. The solid design lies in its unique design concept and rich design experience

(2) ceramic ball bearing (with special insulation resistance between housing and encoder shaft) prevents shaft current from large AC motor and generator. We also specially designed the insulation reduction ring, so that the insulation strength can reach 2 and the maintenance cost above 0kv can be saved

(3) high radial and axial force, compared with conventional encoder, heavy-duty encoder has stronger performance in resisting axial and radial force, high vibration and impact resistance, which is particularly important in wind turbine. Compared with the stable environment of the factory, the wind farm environment is more susceptible to external influence

(4) anti lightning function. Compared with indoor applications, wind turbines working in the field are more vulnerable to natural attack. Therefore, the lightning protection function is particularly necessary. These products are widely used not only in wind turbines, but also in port machinery and ships

(5) long transmission distance. For split units, the transmission distance should be long. In addition to excellent cables, ideacod also specially designed circuits for long-distance transmission

(integrity-based Gold Tester; excellent products 6) wide temperature range, especially low temperature requirements. Our encoder can reach -40 C to -100 C, meeting the needs of field work and constantly putting forward higher, newer and more requirements to the waterproof experimental machine

an excellent system is composed of a series of suitable and reliable products. In addition to encoders, we also produce sealed limit switches for wind turbine lifting; Linear sensor and embedded micro switch for detecting motor braking position; Logic controller and other products used to control the lifting system. Provide safer and more stable products and application solutions for your wind turbine

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