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Energy saving and emission reduction is also a kind of income

the printing press is the lifeline for the survival and profitability of printing enterprises. If enterprises can more effectively reduce equipment energy consumption expenditure, it is actually another kind of income for enterprises

a set of real data: how much does a sheet fed printer cost the enterprise in a month

this group of data is from German gaobao (gaobao model gaobao library gaobao used equipment) company. Gaobao installed more than 120 sensor measuring points on one of its customers' libida SW2 lttl eight color plus double glazing printing machines to measure the energy loss of the equipment. The equipment has been running for one month 24 hours a day and 5 days a week, and the following real energy loss data are obtained:

from the above chart, we can see that the energy consumption of a printing machine mainly includes several parts: the energy consumption of the printing machine itself (19.17 MWh), the energy consumption of drying and cooling (34.74 MWh) Energy consumption of exhaust gas (16.6 MWh) and other energy consumption (23.82 MWh, such as the energy consumption of paper receiving parts such as powder spraying). According to the calculation that one megawatt consumes 1000 kilowatt hours of electric energy in one hour under its rated voltage, the above data becomes: in the month of testing, the printing machine consumes 19170 degrees of energy for operation, the price of copper foil continues to rise, the UV drying consumes 15990 degrees, the water cooling system consumes 13490 degrees of energy, and the paper receiving part consumes 23820 degrees of energy. China's industrial power is 0.8 yuan per kilowatt hour, so in one month, the basic electricity cost of a printing machine with UV drying will exceed 60000 yuan

gaobao's philosophy of emission reduction: green printing parts + reducing emissions

philosophy 1: green printing parts lead new technological changes

using new processes to improve production efficiency and reduce costs is an effective way to save energy and time. Gaobaoli Bida sheet fed offset press enables printing enterprises to feel the efficiency change brought about by new technology

drivetronic axleless Feida: the suction head, suction conveyor platen and paper stack are lifted and lowered by a number of separately controlled servo motors. Energy saving torque motor with high system efficiency is adopted to return more motor braking energy to power transmission

drivetronic SIS non side pull gauge technology: the paper gripper is installed on the traditional drum, which can swing left and right, and control the registration of the paper through this swing. Due to the use of the technology of non side drawing gauge, the times of paper stopping and breaking are reduced in the actual production, and the productivity is improved

drivetronic SPC synchronous plate changing device: not only can the device replace all printing plates in less than one minute, but more importantly, the plate changing can be carried out simultaneously with other printing machines, greatly saving downtime

airtronic paper receiving device: the new pneumatic paper gripper is adopted to make the transfer of paper more stable, effectively prevent the back from rubbing and dirt, and reduce the use of powder spraying; The new multi venturi paper guide system reduces the air consumption of the paper receiving part, and reduces the number of blowing rods from eight to five; All polyurethane invisible films have good air permeability, film-forming property and tensile property. The function that the device can be preset greatly simplifies the adjustment of the paper receiving device caused by the change of consumables and increases the flexibility of the equipment

qualitronic: online monitoring system with density measurement and control, installed at the paper receiving position. By taking photos, the system compares the produced prints with the reference information to achieve the effect of recording unqualified prints. QualiTronic is the quality control in the printing process

densitronic PDF: scan the printed sheets at a resolution of 330dpi and compare them with the original PDF. Sophisticated software enables it to detect very small deviations and automatically record them. Densitronic PDF is a highly automated quality monitoring and control system

drivetronic series +qualitronic series +densitronic PDF constitute three major technical fields of gaobao printing equipment automation drive, process control and detection. Through these advanced technologies, gaobao printing equipment can better improve the scrap rate and reduce the costs caused by scrap

Philosophy 2: new process reduces emissions

in 2000, gaobao (gaobao model gaobao library gaobao second-hand equipment) launched the first low emission printing machine, which was certified by the German health industry committee. The new technology brings about the improvement of efficiency, while the new process directly reduces the emission of the whole equipment. At present, the emissions of an offset press in normal use include the following parts:

voc-ipa (isopropanol) emitted by volatile substances such as alcohol

accelerate the cultivation and development of ink mist in strategic emerging industries such as new generation information technology, high-end equipment, modern ocean and new energy vehicles by ink emission

voc-hc emitted by cleaning agent and solvent

ozone emitted by drying with UV lamp

dust emitted by the powder spraying device

how to reduce equipment emissions? Gaobao's philosophy is: to reduce the emission of equipment, we should start with the whole equipment and reduce the emission of each part of the machine

volatile organic compound IPA (isopropanol): solution low alcohol or alcohol-free printing

in traditional offset printing, in order to make the water film form smoothly, alcohol (isopropanol) needs to be added to the fountain solution. The function of alcohol is to reduce the surface tension of water and make it easier to form qualified water film in high-speed production environment

however, according to actual measurement, only 2% of alcohol (isopropanol) used in printing actually reaches the printing plate. Using the alcohol free printing and refreshing process to reduce the use of alcohol can not only reduce emissions, but also reduce the cost of alcohol for enterprises

the key to alcohol free printing is to replace alcohol fountain solution. The key factor of this process is to ensure stable ink emulsification. In order to ensure stable ink emulsification, the production process of cots and fountain solution needs to be adjusted accordingly. The cots need to be coated with special materials to increase the roughness and ensure the wetting and viscosity on the ink roller. The production of fountain solution requires special processing instruments to ensure that the hardness, cleanliness, pH value, conductivity value, additive control, cooling, filtration and cleanliness of fountain solution meet the requirements. Therefore, alcohol free printing is not as simple as changing the additives of fountain solution. What is needed is daily inspection, regular cleaning and appropriate technology

ink mist: solution large-size ink roller design

on all gaobaoli Bida equipment, the ink roller has always adopted the large-size diameter design, and has increased the remote control of the ink string roller, the remote control of the swing frequency of the ink transfer roller, the clutch control of the ink transfer device, the independent shutdown control of the ink transfer device and the control of the differential drive of the water roller. When the ink transfer speed is the same, the large-size ink transfer roller rotates more slowly, resulting in less ink mist and less ink splashing

voc-hc emission: the solution cleantronic cloth cleaning device

cleaning agents and other solvents are volatile liquids. Gaobao has adopted a new cleantronic cloth cleaning device to reduce the volatilization and emission of solvents. The so-called cloth cleaning, as the name suggests, is to replace the media brush commonly used by the traditional ink roller, blanket and version roller with a cleaning cloth

the greatest advantage of cloth cleaning is that the system is closed, greatly reducing the emission of volatile organic compounds. Each cloth roll of cloth cleaning can be cleaned up to 200 cycles. It is a plug and play device, which is simple to replace. Its cost expenditure is only the replacement of cloth rolls, saving the brush maintenance cost and special waste disposal cost in the brush system. At the same time, the cloth cleaning does not need to provide a collection container and a supply and return pipeline for the detergent, and the equipment maintenance cost is reduced accordingly

drying device: solution gaobao (gaobao model gaobao library gaobao used equipment) variryblue technology

gaobao variryblue technology is a comprehensive solution for reducing emissions from the drying system. Variryblue has not only added absorption devices (ozone and waste hot gas) in the unit room, but also made corresponding improvements in the setting of drying system. (the design of gaobao paper receiving device shortens the distance between the drying device and the substrate)

in the design of ordinary varidry (UV), gaobao shortens the distance between the device with good performance under drying and high temperature and the substrate. Due to the shortening of the distance, the energy consumption used in drying is reduced accordingly. (varidyblue thermal energy recycling drying device)

the biggest highlight of the new varidyblue drying device is thermal energy recycling. A necessary condition for varidyblue is the triple lengthened paper receipt. In gaobao's traditional hot air drying device, all drying modules are supplied with heat separately, while in the new variryblue, the heat supply of module 3 is from the waste heat recycled from module 1 and module 2. This design reduces the air volume for heating and pumping, and also reduces the unnecessary waste of heat energy

powder spraying: solution airtronic paper receiving device

reduce the use of powder spraying through airtronic paper receiving device, so as to reduce the emission of dust

summary: Although energy conservation and emission reduction is a big concept, the actual operation starts from bit by bit. From plant design to a print, each link contains the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction. Energy conservation and emission reduction is a recognition. Although the initial investment is large, we need to calculate the long-term comprehensive benefits, because the cost savings actually represent the income of the enterprise

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