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Emulex helps Lenovo thinkserver improve performance

the latest generation of emulex Ethernet and converged network adapters and the fifth generation of fibre channel adapters can provide high-performance connectivity for computing intensive workloads

ctiforum news on July 14 (Liwenjie): networking Emulex, the leader in monitoring and management, recently announced that it will provide 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) and fifth generation fibre channel (16gfc) high-performance connectivity for Lenovo thinkserver rack and tower servers. The new oneconnectoce14000 series 10GbE adapter, converged network adapter (can) and lightpulse lpe16000 5th generation fibre channel host bus adapter (HBA) will further help Lenovo thinkserver deliver the best performance and experience for users

shaun Walsh, senior vice president of marketing and enterprise development of emulex, said that emulex won the annual quality award issued by Lenovo Group not long ago. This cooperation shows that our Ethernet design has been further recognized by Lenovo. It also shows that emulex products provide an infrastructure that can fully meet today's data center needs. Emulex provides Lenovo with the latest generation of yitaihe 5th generation fibre channel adapters, which are tailored to meet the performance, function and workload requirements of Lenovo servers. Emulex oce14000 adapter can improve throughput, reduce power consumption and operating expenses, and handle next-generation workloads such as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), Hadoop and server virtualization

emulex oneconnect 10GbE adapters and lightpulse 5th generation FC HbAS provide flexible connectivity and maximum performance, and can be controlled, configured and managed through a single console using emulex onecommand manager, thereby consolidating all i/o into a single driver, reducing complexity and ensuring stability

emulex oneconnect 10GbE Ethernet and converged network adapters can provide Lenovo products with the following extraordinary advantages:

industry-leading server virtualization density and performance: emulex oce14000 adapter can provide stable throughput and up to 1.5 million IOPs for block storage and hardware offload that can achieve excellent CPU and power efficiency. In addition, Red Hat Linux 6.4 The number of virtual machines (VMS) supported per server in a Windows server2012 R2 or VMware esxi5.5 environment. Emulex oce14000 adapter is the only solution in the industry that can provide all the above features at the same time

reduce server power consumption to reduce data center operating expenses: emulex hardware offload technology can reduce the power consumption of the standard dual slot rack optimized server by up to 50 watts, which means that the server power cost will be reduced by as much as 20% (according to the average power consumption of each server 2512, real-time display: experimental force and peak experimental force can be displayed in real time; 0 watt calculation)

reduce virtualization latency to improve application performance: emulex has adopted the roce Technology (RDMA over converged Ethernet, roce) to provide high-performance low latency i/o connections for Microsoft SQL server and targeted network functions (such as virtual machine mobility) using Windows Server SMB direct and Linux NFS protocols

4x increase in packet processing performance: compared with the previous generation adapter, emulex oce14000 adapter can provide 4x increase in network performance when processing small packets. 1 this is very important for transaction intensive and clustered applications (such as video content delivery), web scale applications and messaging applications

use software to define network and open technology for secure and scalable cloud deployment: emulex oce14000 adapter is compatible with open hardware, industry standard hardware, network virtualization and software environment, including management and collaboration software based on openstack, nvgre (for Microsoft Hyper-V), network virtualization and emerging network virtualization of vxlan (for VMware NSX). E record data mulex also provides 10/40gbe network convergence adapters for opencompute projects that support open and standards based web scale data centers

emulex lightpulse 5th generation FC HbAS can provide Lenovo with the following extraordinary advantages:

excellent 5th generation fibre channel connectivity: emulex 5th generation FC HbAS can provide more than 1.2 million i/o operations (IOPs) per second on a single port 2 (the highest fibre channel adapter performance at present), and can provide up to 6 times the IOPs per port performance compared with the previous generation products, Provide higher storage performance for cloud and storage intensive applications. By providing up to 4x more IOPs per watt performance, emulex 5th generation FC HbAS can also significantly improve energy efficiency and further reduce operating expenses. 2

higher throughput and lower latency: compared with current 8gfc adapters, emulex 5th generation FC HbAS provide twice the throughput and reduce latency by up to 75% under the condition of lossless CPU efficiency. 2

support PCI Express (PCIe) 3.0 and improve i/o bandwidth: emulex 5th generation FC HbAS can support PCIe 3.0 with faster i/o bus, more PCIe channels and higher i/o bandwidth. This will support emulex 5th generation fibre channel technology to automatically match Intel ® based? The server performance of Xeon TM e V2 product family processors provides the best performance for applications such as virtualization and database management systems

emulex 5th generation flash memory service can improve service quality: expresslane? Technology can enhance the quality of service (QoS) potential for flash/solid state disk (SSD) - based storage. Emulex CrossLink? Technology enables in band messaging between server nodes for performance optimization using lossless, standards based FC protocols

Darrel ward, vice president of marketing and general manager of Lenovo's enterprise product division, said: our goal is to meet the real it needs of customers' key business workloads through enterprise level and open industry standard solutions, because such solutions can achieve an ideal balance between performance and function, are simple to use, and can be integrated with our enterprise product family. We are pleased to work with emulex to provide high-performance fibre channel and 10GbE connectivity, and provide integrated ease of use performance to our customers through Lenovo thinkserver rack and tower servers

emulex oneconnect 10 Gigabit Ethernet and converged network adapters and lightpulse 5th generation FC HbAS are now available for Lenovo thinkservertd340 tower, rd340/rd440 and rd540/rd640 rack servers

about emulex

emulex is a leader in network connectivity, monitoring and management. It can provide advanced hardware and software solutions for global networks supporting enterprise, cloud, government and telecom services. Emulex products enable unmatched end-to-end application visibility, optimization, and acceleration. The company's i/o connection products, including the ultra-high performance Taihe fibre channel connection product series, are widely used in the server and storage solutions of the world's leading OEM manufacturers, including Cisco, Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, Huawei, IBM, NetApp and Oracle. They are also found in the data centers of almost all Fortune 1000 enterprises. Emulex's monitoring and management solutions, including its network visibility and recording product family, can provide enterprises with comprehensive network performance management functions at the speed of up to 100000 Gigabit Ethernet. Emulex is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, USA, and has offices and R & D centers in North America, Asia and Europe with a length of about 70 meters

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