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Empowering lubrication terminals, transforming the industry experience with the strength of the competition field -- an exclusive interview with Zhai Xiaoguang, sales director of zero kilometer Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd.

empowering lubrication terminals, and transforming the industry experience with the strength of the competition field -- an exclusive interview with Zhai Xiaoguang, sales director of zero kilometer lubrication Technology Co., Ltd.

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, The 26th China International Auto Supplies Exhibition (2018 Yasen auto supplies exhibition) was grandly opened at China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) in Beijing. As the representative of self owned brands in the rapid rise, zero kilometer lubricant, together with its star products and key maintenance projects, made a high-profile appearance in this comprehensive exhibition of the automotive aftermarket industry. As the first portal of lubricating oil integrated into automobile and machinery genes, China lubricating oil information () interviewed Mr. zhaixiaoguang, sales director of zero kilometer Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd

Mr. zhaixiaoguang (right), sales director of zero kilometer Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd., and China Lubricant information cordially took a group photo

"three major projects" to create a highlight of lubrication experience

as a star product just returned from the Dakar arena, "zero kilometer Iron Man High Performance Series" is undoubtedly the focus of zero kilometer's promotion at this Yasen exhibition. It was placed in a prominent position on the booth, and the surrounding guests inquired about it, An endless stream

zero kilometer booth style

"this is a zero kilometer product that subverts the use of passenger car oil!" In the face of the interview, President Zhai introduced to us his outstanding features: the joint supervision of zero kilometer lubricating oil ZM team/European buggyra team; More than 10 years' experience in research and development of oil for international and domestic top-level events, and more than 5 years' actual measurement of high-performance vehicles; Unique event additive, with super shear stability; It is the first in the world to use aluminum barrel packaging to prevent damage to oil products caused by static electricity and ultraviolet rays. In addition, Zhai also shared a gag. It turned out that the promotion of this product happened to encounter a national environmental storm, and the plastic packaged oil bottles were damaged; The zero kilometer iron man high-performance series is made of pure aluminum, which can be recycled indefinitely, which is beneficial to the automobile service organization. As a result, it is widely welcomed by terminal stores

in terms of maintenance projects, President Zhai said that zero kilometer has brought three major projects at this Yasen Exhibition: gearbox intelligent maintenance project, passenger car cleaning project and commercial vehicle cleaning project, serving the automotive aftermarket in an all-round way. As the pioneer of zero kilometer lubricant, he mainly introduced the zero kilometer commercial vehicle cleaning project to us. "Commercial vehicles use diesel fuel. The working environment of the engine is poor and there is a lot of carbon deposition in the oil sludge. Our investigation found that many commercial vehicle drivers recognize the importance of vehicle maintenance and reduce fuel consumption and improve power through cleaning." President Zhai hopes to create a new highlight of zero kilometer lubricant in the automotive aftermarket in the form of terminal stores, so as to achieve win-win cooperation between manufacturers

when it comes to terminal auto repair stores, President Zhai, who is in the forefront of the market, shares the current situation of the stores. "Why are repair shops unprofitable? There are many reasons. The backwardness of management and operation system is a constraint, but the main reason is that the products and projects are single." To this end, terminals need to create more profit highlights, and the three zero kilometer projects can just help stores. "By improving the user experience, we return the source of customers to the store; through training and other improvements, we provide systematic guidance to the store."

Mr. zhaixiaoguang, sales director of zero kilometer Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd.

"the light of the track" carries the strength of its own brand

when it comes to zero kilometer racing events, Mr. Zhai is like a family treasure. Since its first participation in the 2011 event, zero kilometer has spread all over the national truck race (National Super truck race, China Truck open, referred to as CTR), China automobile drift Championship (CDC), world automobile drift series (WDS) and China RV Championship (CTCC). It has been making its debut in Dakar on behalf of China's Independent Lubricant brands since the beginning of 2018. During this period, we successfully cultivated our own zero kilometer ZM team and won numerous awards

"the engine oil that dares to enter the race is the good engine oil. Zero kilometers has been achieved!" As a great contribution of zero kilometer lubricant at the beginning of the year, the group, together with the European buggyra team, went to Dakar to successfully complete the first Dakar trip of its own brand. The lubrication quality was recognized by Dakar, which is undoubtedly the most proud point of zero kilometer. "Dakar Rally is famous for its difficulties. 60% of the cars can't complete the whole course. Buggyra's two cars use zero kilometer lubricant throughout the course and successfully complete the race, ranking 10th and 11th." Zhai is even more proud that under the escort of zero kilometers, the two racing cars have done a very good job in engine protection. Under the test of long mileage, long time and complex and changeable environment, the vehicle engine has not had any problems

zero kilometer booth style

behind the excellent product strength is that all the staff of zero kilometer have made extensive use of their hard work. Zhai said that zero kilometer has not only maintained close cooperation with major international additive giants, but also cultivated its own technical strength and further adjusted its additive formula. He also revealed that in order to win the after-sales oil market, zero kilometer has done a lot of work behind the scenes. "From ordinary cars to high-end cars, we have collected a large number of vehicle type information in order to take out the initial oil inside and analyze them. They are applicable to the tensile, contraction, or zigzag tests of metal materials under static action, and can also be used for the tests of building materials such as concrete and masonry. They are also equipped with cold bending accessories, which are also used as additives for metal material process experiments." According to the decrypted formula, zero kilometer targeted to determine its own research direction, and developed products with better matching

at the same time, zero kilometer is also good at monitoring the hot spots of vehicles and creating special oil series. As we all know, with the increase of service life of some vehicles, the viscosity of engine oil must be increased accordingly. "But how far should the viscosity rise? Many people don't know. This technical blind spot is also our research direction." As a research result, zero kilometer has launched a series of personalized customized oil products to meet the requirements of vehicles of different ages

with the enhancement of brands in the industry, in recent years, more and more independent brands have made efforts to promote the brand energy through racing. In response, President Zhai said magnanimously, "peers are not enemies. I don't think peers can defeat peers. On the contrary, it is our common wish to work together to make the cake of the national lubricant industry a success. In this regard, zero kilometer is willing to learn from each other, communicate with each other, and start together!"

"ten billion group" draws a grand blueprint determination

facing the opportunity of the era of the trillion level automotive post market, how does the Independent Lubricant industry describe the bright future of the brand? According to Zhai's analysis, the current Chinese market "has only low-end cars, not low-end oil." For example, he said that in the supporting cooperation with FAW, Shaanxi Automobile, Longgong, Lingong, Chery, Zhongtai and other main engine manufacturers, zero kilometer found that the oil grade of both "high-end cars" in the eyes of traditional consumers and "low-end cars" with less than 100000 yuan as the public opinion has reached the SN level, and there is no lower grade loading oil. "This shows that our industry is showing a trend of high-end development." In his opinion, the increasingly stringent engine oil grade and environmental emission standards are leading the new progress of the industry. The national five emission standards, European six emission standards and the latest ck-4 standard launched by API are promoting the development of enterprises towards high-end directions such as energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. Responding to the clarion call of the new era, the rising independent lubricant brand zero kilometer followed the pace of the times and gradually upgraded ci-4 series products to CJ-4 in the past few years to meet the national five emissions. In 2017, zero kilometer launched the ck-4 series, which meets the Euro 6 emission standard and has been reduced accordingly in recent years

zero kilometer booth style

talking about the future outlook, President Zhai revealed that zero kilometer put forward the new slogan of "ten billion group" this year, and strive to achieve an annual revenue of ten billion yuan in the future by implementing a series of new strategies. As the banner of the group in the new era, the "ten billion group" agglutinates the morale of all the people in the company. It has a scientific goal, a clear-cut banner, broad prospects and inspiring progress. Zhai said that the zero kilometer lubricant and maintenance project will be fully launched in 2018; At the same time, we should not forget the brand commitment on the field. "Zero kilometer is the first independent lubricant brand to enter the drift race, and also the first independent lubricant brand to go to Dakar. Since we first participated in the drift race in 2011, our fate with the race has lasted for 8 years. Zero kilometer will continue to make efforts in the race in the future!"

industry comments:

sound the horn of quality and sail the ocean of automotive aftermarket. Zero kilometer lubricant adheres to the quality foundation, focuses on industry highlights, leads the market in innovation, and constantly empowers terminals. The premier's government work report at this year's "two sessions" pointed out that "we will comprehensively carry out quality improvement actions, promote the benchmarking with the international advanced level, carry forward the craftsman spirit, and bring about a quality revolution made in China." This is not only an encouragement to made in China, but also a great expectation for the lubricant industry. We are willing to encourage the industry with zero kilometers, build a gold lettered signboard of our own brand with strength, and forge ahead for the quality revolution of the lubricating oil industry in the context of the transformation of old and new kinetic energy

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