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Is the social market economy just an empty word for Europe? - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The coronavirus should not dominate. We Europeans also focus on latent threats. Is the precarious situation of young people sufficiently recognized and addressedcan operate with a limit of 150 people.?? One book has the irritating title “Why Europe must become a Republic!” But it is a very stimulating book and worth discussing. Written by Ulrike Guérot, a professor at Danube University Krems, she is well versed in EU internal affairs, offering a lot of impulses from the perspective of the younger generation and draws attention to precarious living conditions and emphasizes the regions and smaller EU states.

There are major economic and social problems in France, mostly in deserted and sprawling rural regions. One in three (35%) in these areas vote for the nationalist “Front National”. This development is easily overlooked because it is obscured by the vote of the majority.

Rural victims of globalization and urbanization are being driven to populism. The negative mood is also fueled by the FP? in Austria in peripheral urban zones with a high proportion of migrants, and the UKIP is thriving in the de-industrialized north of England. But we should not overlook that there are more affluent EU regions such as Alsace, Baden-Württemberg and parts of northern Italy which are also affected. What is also a concern is that many Harz IV welfare aid recipients in Germany did not vote in the EU electionsIn its ongoing investigation. This is fertile ground for a radicalization of the political left and right spectrums of society.

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A woman walks past a tent used for coronavirus antigenic swab testing outside a pharmacy in Paris, December 22, 2020. EPA-EFE//JULIEN DE ROSA

During the refugee crisis, the response to the cries of help from Italy and Greece was late in coming. Should they really shoulder the problems alone? Why were the recent media reports about the Swiss Corporation Initiative so poor? According to Swiss law, Swiss corporations should be liable if they violate environmental and human rights in the global south. This indeed is a role model for western corporations and the antithesis to global migration.

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