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Different links of the glass industry face different degrees of risk

through the investigation of the glass industry, we learned that under the current market environment, different links of the glass industry face different degrees of risk. From the top to the bottom of the industrial chain, the industrial risks can be explained through the analysis of glass production enterprises, trading enterprises and deep processing enterprises

the risk comes from the production characteristics, and the enterprise should respond passively.

the main risk of the production enterprise comes from the fact that once the production line is put into production, it cannot stop production at any time within the service life, and the output is constant, no matter how the market changes. Based on this production characteristic of the industry, it is decided that even in the current situation of sluggish downstream demand and increased sales pressure, the enterprise should still maintain production and keep overstocking new inventory in case of losses, until the enterprise capital chain breaks, the current load is relatively large 20KN (3) 00kn crack, and it is difficult to maintain the current production situation, so it will be forced to choose to stop production, which not only causes the relative error of indication to exceed the tolerance. Once the production is stopped, the whole production line can hardly be used again, and the capital needed to be put into production will reach 40% - 60% of the cost of the whole production line

in addition, the production plan of glass manufacturing enterprises depends on the order situation. If there is an order, the enterprise will arrange production according to the order requirements within the range of 10 ℃ (3) 5 ℃ of room temperature specified in all material mechanics testing standards. At present, orders are limited, and enterprises can only arrange to produce products that are routinely required by major customers and store them after output. In this case, if the balance of production and sales cannot be guaranteed, the overstocked inventory in the warehouse will increase, which will pose a certain pressure on the storage capacity

downstream risks are controllable, and enterprises are relatively free.

on the glass industry chain, the business characteristics of trading enterprises are to inquire from glass manufacturers at the same time of receiving orders. If the price is appropriate, they will lock in profits. Their own inventory is very small, and there is no risk in theory. Even if the processing order, due to the short processing time, the price of the original film is basically one-time purchase, and the profit space is locked, there is no risk

glass deep-processing enterprises have also signed an agreement to purchase the original film while signing the processing agreement. Both sides have agreed on the price, so there is no risk of price change in theory. However, when faced with long-term orders, the processing cannot be completed at one time, and the glass chips need to be purchased in batches, which will face the risk of rising the price of glass chips and compress the profit space of processing enterprises

through the overall investigation of the glass industry, as well as the in-depth analysis of the glass industry, we have an overall understanding of the convergence of risks in the glass industry. The risks of the glass industry are mainly concentrated in the production enterprises, especially under the current situation that the downstream demand of the glass market is sluggish and the sales pressure is unprecedented, the daily output of glass products and the imbalance between production and sales lead to the increase of inventory, which makes the glass production enterprises face severe challenges

under the current market conditions, glass spot management enterprises, especially glass production enterprises, face the risk of poor glass sales in the spot market on the one hand; On the other hand, if glass prices fall further, a large number of existing inventories will face depreciation risk. In this case, the listing of glass futures provides enterprises with a very timely tool to avoid the risk of spot operation, especially for glass production enterprises to avoid the depreciation risk caused by price decline. Zhonghua glass () Department

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