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Shanghai Bureau of quality supervision spot checked 8 batches of tempered glass for construction to be unqualified

recently, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision conducted a special spot check on the quality of tempered glass products for construction produced in the city during the meeting. 61 batches of products were randomly selected this time, and 8 batches were unqualified after inspection. It is more than twice the area of France

tempered glass for construction is a product listed in the catalogue of national compulsory certification products (CCC), and the certification authority is China building materials inspection and Certification Group Co., Ltd. There are 95 certified production enterprises in the city. This time, 67 production enterprises in the city are planned to be sampled, and 61 products are actually sampled

this spot check is based on GB 15763. Safety glass for building Part 2: tempered glass, shccjsgf1 start motor 01. The technical specification for quality supervision and spot check of tempered glass products for construction in Shanghai has inspected the surface stress, fragment state, impact resistance, shotgun bag impact performance and heat-resistant impact performance of the products

a total of 8 batches of products that have verified the structure/process scheme and design requirements are found to be unqualified in this spot check. The unqualified items involved include: fragment state (flat tempered glass), surface stress and impact resistance

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