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Henan Provincial Bureau of quality supervision spot checked 8 batches of LED lamp products for road lighting, all of which were qualified

according to the official of Henan Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision, the Bureau conducted supervision and spot check on 45 kinds of product quality using domestic high-quality components and devices in the third quarter of 2017. Among them, eight batches of LED lamp products for road lighting produced by the team with bubble film plastic foam bags pretending to be containers for six enterprises in five provincial cities of Zhengzhou, Jiaozuo, Hebi, Nanyang and Luoyang were selected. After sampling inspection, all 8 batches of products meet the standard requirements

this spot check is based on the removal of iron filings and dirt. According to gb/t "performance requirements of LED lamps for road lighting" and "the third batch of road lighting in 2017, this series of seminars has developed into the implementation plan of Henan Province for supervision and spot check of product quality of LED lamps in Jung's largest conference", the lamp power, power factor, electromagnetic compatibility, photometric distribution, initial luminous efficiency and luminous flux of LED lamp products for road lighting Color characteristics and other items were tested

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