The hottest spot check of insulating glass in Shan

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Shandong random inspection of insulating glass Shandong kejing glass, Yantai Meiji glass and other unqualified

in the third quarter of 2011, Shandong Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision organized the provincial supervision and random inspection of insulating glass product quality. A total of 25 batches of insulating glass products produced by 25 enterprises in the province were spot checked, of which 7 batches of products from 7 enterprises did not meet the requirements of relevant standards, and the product qualification rate was 72%

according to the requirements of gb/t insulating glass and other standards, the sealing performance, dew point and ultraviolet radiation resistance of insulating glass products were tested. After inspection, the sealing performance of six batches of products was unqualified, involving six enterprises, including Shandong kejing Glass Co., Ltd., Zibo Leshan glass building materials Co., Ltd., Tengzhou Jinming Packaging Co., Ltd., Yantai Meiji Glass Co., Ltd., Weifang sunshine Glass Co., Ltd., and Dezhou Jingao Glass Co., Ltd

in the spot check, it was also found that the identification of five batches of products was not in conformity with the graphene based RF circuit lattice designed to develop ultra-high speed and ultra-low energy, which simplified the utilization of the floor

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