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The unqualified rate of 26 batches of wood furniture products sampled by Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of quality supervision is 0%

the unqualified rate of 26 batches of wood furniture products sampled by Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of quality supervision is 0%

November 09, 2015

[China paint information] on November 6, 2015, Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision announced the results of the joint supervision and random inspection of the quality of wood furniture products in Zhejiang Province in 2015, and spot checked Ningbo, Wenzhou, Huzhou Among 26 batches of wood furniture products from 26 enterprises in 4 regions of Taizhou, 0 batch failed, and the batch failure rate was 0%

consumption guide:

wood furniture can be divided into "solid wood furniture", "wood-based panel furniture" and "comprehensive wood furniture". The furniture market is diverse, and the price gap is very far. The quality of wood furniture affects people's quality of life and health. Therefore, citizens are reminded to reserve knowledge in advance and learn the tricks of selecting and identifying various furniture before choosing furniture

purchase common sense

first, when purchasing, pay attention to the appearance quality of the product, see whether there are product instructions and inspection reports, and pay attention to whether the environmental protection index items are qualified and whether the materials are consistent with the instructions

second, choose products of enterprises with stable quality through formal sales channels (such as large shopping malls, large stores, and specialty stores) and conclude sales contracts. The society correctly distinguishes the honorary certificates and certification certificates of enterprises. Now the more formal ones are CQC China Quality and environmental protection mark product certification issued by China Quality Certification Center

third, smell is better than good. The quality can be distinguished by comparing the smell. When you open the drawer or cabinet door, if you can smell a strong pungent smell, it indicates that furniture formaldehyde or other volatile harmful substances may exceed the standard. Products without pungent smell have a good limit of harmful substances

maintenance and care

if you want to prolong the service life of furniture, daily careful maintenance is also essential

during daily maintenance, use a clean soft cloth to wipe off the dust on the surface, and do not further study the contact surface with the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of Finance and the CIRC on the promotion and utilization of new materials, such as acid and alkaline chemicals; Wipe the furniture in time when it meets water, and leave water marks after drying. Use a slightly thick cloth to cover the water marks, and gently press it with a heated electric iron, and the water marks can disappear; Occasionally, there are slight scratches on the surface of the furniture, and the paint film falls off. You can use a color pen to repair it slightly according to the tone of the furniture, and then apply a thin layer of colorless transparent nail polish; Painted furniture often appears white hot stamping after directly releasing the water cup and hot soup bowl, which affects the appearance. You can dip a little thick tea or toilet water and a little alcohol with a fine cloth, wipe it gently, and then wipe it with a cloth

summary of supervision and random inspection results of wood furniture products in 2015

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