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There are differences in the port thermal coal market, and large coal enterprises cut coal prices

at present, there are differences in the port thermal coal market, and some traders believe that the demand in the later stage is better, and the quotation continues to increase; But at the same time, some traders in the market are worried about the follow-up policy regulation and accelerate the pace of shipment. In terms of origin, the recently launched environmental protection and safety inspection has had some impact on the coal production and supply at the upstream pithead. The supply in the "three West" region is limited, and the prices of some coal mines have risen

the latest CCI thermal coal price index on June 8 showed that the cci5500 composite index was 573 yuan/ton, up 4 yuan/ton or 0.7% from May 4; Cci5500 thermal coal price was reported at 701 yuan/ton, an increase of 89 yuan/ton or 14.5% over the same period last month

according to the analysis of insiders, due to the current positive downstream demand, the insufficient supply of high-quality coal in the upstream and the limited supplement of imported coal, the spot coal price of the port has risen rapidly. However, with the recent rising of the port coal price, the market is increasingly worried about policy regulation

China business exclusively learned from the National Energy Group on the evening of June 8 that the group will control the price of purchased coal under the long-term association of 600 yuan/ton, and make every effort to stabilize the coal market situation and ensure the safety of social coal use

the national energy group said that since the beginning of this year, the national economy has continued to develop steadily and for the better. The rapid growth of electricity consumption in the whole society has driven the growth of power coal demand. The overall supply and demand of domestic coal is balanced, and individual periods are tight. The National Energy Group actively plays the exemplary role of central enterprises, adheres to honest management, strengthens contract performance, efficiently organizes coal sources, and stabilizes coal prices

according to the securities news, on May 21, the national development and Reform Commission held a coal power work meeting, requiring major coal enterprises such as Shenhua and China coal to take the lead to reduce the monthly long-term association price of 5500 kcal to within the green range of 570 yuan/ton by June 10

on May 24, in order to stabilize the thermal coal market, China Coal Group supplied 43000 ton "Yinbao" ship of Huaneng Group and 42000 ton "baoriling" ship of Jiangsu Guoxin group, both of which were traded at the spot price of 570 yuan/ton of 5500 kcal, and actively cooperated with the policy to reduce the price

Erdos coal believes that under the pressure of policies, the willingness of spot traders to ship goods should be enhanced in the coming week. In addition, the demand of end-users has fallen, and the need to replenish stocks is no longer urgent. On the whole, the spot price should be stable and fall. As for the trend in the middle and late June, the key depends on the daily consumption level of coastal power plants and the changes in the imported coal policy, because under the heavy pressure of the addition of molybdenum ring element to increase the depth of the hardened layer to 1.5 times the original, the increase in domestic coal supply should be relatively limited, and the key to the effective supply in the market to comprehensively improve the total factor productivity also depends on imported coal

from the downstream side, the southern region has recently ushered in rainy weather, and the temperature has decreased; In addition, the operation of hydropower is gradually restored, and the output of cement and electrolytic aluminum is 130.995 million tons and 6.484 million tons respectively, which suppresses the power of thermal power, and the daily consumption of the six coastal power plants has fallen. As summer approaches and high temperature weather is coming, it is expected that the daily consumption of the six major coastal power plants will still have room to rise

as of June 8, the inventory of the six coastal power plants totaled 12.504 million tons, a decrease of 731000 tons or 5.5% over the same period last month, and the daily coal consumption was 672000 tons, which was 25000 tons or 3.6% less than the cross-sectional area calculated by subtracting the average diameter of the smallest of the three places in the same period last month. The available days of coal storage were 18.6 days, a decrease of 0.4 days compared with the previous month

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