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Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province spot checks the cupping test machine for low-voltage switchgear: the main part of the test machine includes 80 batches of hydraulic system, main engine, hydraulic control cabinet and microcomputer control system products, and 78 batches are qualified, with a qualified rate of 97.5%

according to the electromechanical home, a few days ago, Wuxi market supervision and Administration Bureau of Jiangsu Province announced that in 2020, Wuxi market supervision and Administration Bureau conducted supervision and spot check on the product quality of low-voltage switchgear. A total of 80 batches of products were randomly selected, and 78 batches were qualified. For example, the annealing qualification rate of PC shaped products was 97.5%. Unqualified items: electrical clearance and creepage distance, and the continuity of effective grounding between the exposed conductive parts of the complete set of equipment and the protective circuit

consumption tips:

(I) common sense at the time of purchase

(1) it is recommended that users purchase "low voltage switchgear" products from enterprises with relatively stable quality, good reputation and 3C certification. When purchasing, check whether the nameplate on the product contains the manufacturer's name, address, specification and model, rated current, production date and other information

(2) when purchasing, you need to ask the dealer or supply 1 If the manufacturer fails to provide the product quality inspection report or product certificate when clamping the jaw, you can also check whether the manufacturer has passed the 3C certification through the CQC station

(3) pay attention to whether the technical parameters of "low voltage switchgear" products are consistent with the procurement requirements, and whether the matters and conditions that must be paid attention to in use are clear

(4) in the procurement process, the products of manufacturers with good reputation and public praise should be selected, and the price should not be pursued unilaterally

(II) common sense when using

(such as PP, PVC plastic 1) before using the "low voltage switchgear", it is necessary to make clear whether the equipment meets the design requirements and safety requirements. Generally, it is judged from the following aspects:

a, whether the rated working voltage of the equipment, the maximum operating voltage of the system, the insulation voltage level, the requirements of the use environment, the protection level of the shell, the altitude, etc. meet the design requirements

b. Whether the equipment action sequence, rated load capacity and/or special requirements meet the design requirements

c. when there is a "operation manual", you should carefully read the "operation manual", and pay special attention to the instructions that are closely related to safety, such as cleaning precautions (if any), installation matters, grounding protection matters, etc

(2) manually and visually check whether the connectors of "low voltage switchgear" are in good contact, whether they are loose, and whether there are anti loose measures at each connection

(3) use "insulation resistance tester", "withstand voltage tester", "grounding resistance tester" and other testing equipment to measure the insulation performance and safety performance of "low voltage switchgear"

(4) "low voltage switchgear" must be operated by skilled technicians or trained or authorized personnel

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