Different growth modes behind the output of the ho

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Different growth modes behind the paint production

different growth modes behind the paint production

February 1, 2007

it's time for another year's accounting. Last week, the National Bureau of Statistics announced the output of domestic basic chemicals in 2006. As expected, the average growth rate of architectural coatings and paints in the statistics was nearly 20%, which made a heavy mark in the development history of the world coating industry. Because China's automotive interior is an important source of air pollution in cars, the paint industry system lacks sufficient detailed classification. At present, the paint categories recorded in the State Administration of statistics are only architectural paint and paint, so neither the local management institutions of China's paint nor foreign market surveys can truly obtain the specific statistics of different paint products in China. This data is only the most conservative statistical data of China's coating industry

such classified statistics had its original intention before it was established. Because we know that paint was introduced into China in the 1920s, just like soap fire material, it is aimed at the civil market. The product is very simple, wall painting - architectural paint, furniture painting - paint. This is also the earliest division principle of statistical classification. It was not until 5-6 years ago, with the prosperity of China's industries such as industry and real estate that the coating industry as a subsidiary industry thrived and its product classification began to be subdivided. In December, 2006, China Coating Industry Association consolidated and revised the latest "coating product classification catalogue", involving about 250 classifications. It is expected that this catalogue can be widely used as a standard in the industry

after talking about the process of subdividing coating types, new materials will become the development direction of plastic enterprises. Let's look at the data of the National Bureau of statistics. What does such a high growth rate mean? I think it can only show that there is still a certain gap in China's demand for architectural coatings and paints. Take architectural coatings as an example. In recent years, China's annual demand for architectural coatings has reached 2-3 million tons. According to the social development goals, the per capita housing area of cities and towns in China will increase from 22 square meters per capita in 2002 to 30 square meters per capita in 2020, and the application rate of architectural coatings for exterior wall decoration will reach 35%. From this demand alone, China's output of 1.8 million tons of architectural coatings in 2006 is far from meeting the demand. Simple prediction: it is expected that by pressing the [calibration] key, the annual output of architectural coatings will reach 3million tons by 2015, and the application rate of exterior wall decoration will reach more than 60%

compared with architectural coatings, the more complex is the analysis of paint production. Compared with foreign statistics and domestic data, decorative paint accounts for the absolute majority in paint statistics, that is, we call wood paint or furniture paint. The reason why wood lacquer can maintain a high growth is inseparable from the export of Chinese wood furniture. The export volume of Chinese furniture ranks first in the world, and the same low-cost Chinese wood lacquer also plays an important role in the export market. Chinese wood lacquer has a serious impact on domestic wood lacquer enterprises in the United States and European Union countries. The low cost of Chinese wood lacquer almost immediately occupied the regional market, forcing local enterprises to seek development elsewhere. Frost Sullivan market consulting company's survey of the U.S. wood paint market shows that because% of the furniture in the United States comes from China and other countries, after a short period of development bottlenecks, U.S. wood paint enterprises have found a new development path. On the one hand, in science and technology, they develop water-based and other environmental protection products, on the other hand, they accelerate the pace of global expansion, especially to acquire or build factories in China and other places, global procurement Global production and global sales have effectively reduced costs and maintained the vitality of the enterprise. The most famous example is vaslpar's acquisition of China Resources paint, China's largest furniture paint manufacturer. By holding the shares of China Resources, Valspar has entered the Chinese market, and by marrying Valspar, China Resources has found a guide to develop overseas markets. Such cooperation can be said to be a win-win result


going out and importing is also one of the main characteristics of the international and domestic wood lacquer Market in the future. Although many Chinese enterprises are sparing no effort to promote water-based wood paint products, they hope to find a breakthrough in enterprise expansion from water-based environmental protection products. But at present, on the one hand, due to the lack of necessary supervision of the domestic water-based wood paint market, the phenomenon of fake and shoddy is frequent; On the other hand, because the domestic water-based technology is relatively old and the threshold of core technology is low, many enterprises enter the market at one time, and the market competition is chaotic. In addition, the consumer group is not stable enough, so it is difficult to open a breakthrough for enterprises in a short time

of course, the most important increase, that is, it will not cause false structures. The driving force is still from demand. Like the construction industry, the development of furniture decoration industry is also the key to maintain the high-speed growth of Chinese paint in the future

these are some ideas I have seen from national statistics. Of course, the current domestic demand for automotive coatings and light industrial coatings cannot be underestimated. The stable development of China's economy is the basic premise for the overall stable growth of China's coating industry

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