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Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision conducted a spot check on 140 glass enterprises this year. It is reported that there have been eight "glass rains" in one month. Recently, the frequent falling phenomenon of glass curtain walls after self explosion has attracted the attention of all sectors of the society. According to the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, 69 tempered glass enterprises in the city were sampled in 2010, with a pass rate of 82.6%, while all laminated glass production enterprises were qualified

yesterday, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision announced that in recent years, the Bureau has focused on supervision and random inspection, and the difficulties of developing high cost still need to be solved further. It has conducted strict supervision over the manufacturing enterprises of construction safety glass products in the city. In 2010, 69 tempered glass enterprises, 57 qualified enterprises and 12 unqualified enterprises were randomly selected for the development of spring testing machines (the main reason for the unqualified is the unqualified inspection of "fragment state", "surface stress" and "thickness and its allowable deviation"); Spot check 20 hollow glass production enterprises, all 3. Whether the sample clamping is correct and qualified

according to the data analysis of the national supervision and random inspection, in 2010, the national supervision and random inspection of 10 safety glass production enterprises in the city, including 5 hollow glass production enterprises, 3 qualified and 2 unqualified (the unqualified item is the elastic recovery rate of polysulfide sealant); There are 5 laminated glass production enterprises, all of which are qualified

this year, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision plans to spot check 90 tempered glass production enterprises, 20 insulating glass production enterprises and 30 laminated glass production enterprises in the city. At present, the supervision and random inspection has entered the specific implementation stage

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