Different styles of packaging of the hottest cigar

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Cigarette packaging in different styles

cigarette is a kind of product with great sales volume. Different product styles are reflected according to their grades, types, cigarette specifications and packaging specifications. The following is soft and tough: large elongation at break. Look at the classification and equipment parameters of the wood-based panel universal testing machine. Cigarette packaging is mainly; Packed in boxes, strips and boxes

(1) boxed

the small box, inner lining paper and outer transparent paper of all grades and types of cigarettes must have good moisture resistance. The shape of the small box must be square and firmly pasted on the basis of different fixtures; The sealing label is centered and pasted firmly. The left and right ends of the sealing paper deviate from the center or the height difference between the two ends does not exceed 3mm. The transparent paper of the outer package of the small box should be tightly and firmly attached, and the tension strap should be complete and good, 4~7mm away from the upper end. There shall be no adhesion between the small boxes, or they cannot be opened gently, or they will break after being opened

generally 20 cigarettes are packed in a box, and 10 cigarettes are also packed in a box. Cigarettes in the box shall not be upside down, wrongly loaded, broken, missing or more. The small box package must be printed with the trademark, factory name, number of cigarettes in the box, type and tar content

(2) strip packaging

strip packaging is to assemble a certain number of small boxes, generally 10 boxes into strips. It can also be divided into strip box and strip bag. The strip box is made of cardboard and can pack medium and high-grade cigarettes; The strip package is made of moisture-proof paper, which is generally packed with low-grade cigarettes. After the strip is formed, the strip box, strip bag and horizontal head shall be sealed firmly and neatly, and shall not be exposed outside the end face of the strip bag. The strip box shall be tightly adhered with outer packaging paper, and the strip bag shall not be adhered. There should be brand, number of packages, number of pieces and printed signs outside the box and bag

(3) cartoning

cartoning refers to the packing of cigarettes in strips into corrugated boxes, which are divided into 5000 and 10000 pieces. The cigarettes in the box should be arranged neatly, no wrong packing or less packing, and the sealing should be firm

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