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Xunshi: provide high reliable voice support for cloud communication service providers

more and more cloud service providers provide various cloud business systems for enterprises to rent, such as intelligent customer service, cloud call center, cloud crm/oa office, etc. these new low-cost experimental methods of tortuous modulus in plastic experimental machines can better help enterprises improve work efficiency and collaboration ability. However, in the process of integrating these applications with enterprise communication needs, the following problems often occur:

voice quality is greatly affected by the network environment, and the user experience is poor and unstable

once a network failure occurs, all services will be interrupted

voice problem positioning is difficult

national policy restrictions (such as number resources)


provide local intelligent voice equipment at an instant, Provide cloud service providers with high reliability and low cost intelligent services

solution value

cloud information + local intelligent voice equipment = high reliable and low-cost intelligent services

cloud service providers provide high-quality and affordable cloud services, and quickly provide simple and easy-to-use intelligent voice terminals to meet enterprise needs, such as recording, mobile office, duty, no missed calls, etc

the voice is safe and reliable, and it is no longer affected by the quality of the network. The sealing ring or combination pad should be replaced in time.

enterprise users can apply for PSTN lines independently, or keep the original number, and the voice quality will not be affected by the network. In case of power failure, you can call in and out normally through the local PSTN line

cloud centralized operation and maintenance, unified management

provides an automated operation and maintenance platform, and cloud service providers can quickly start, remotely configure and upgrade, receive fault alarms, etc

<10 so w2=0.05g2/hzp> plug and play, customers can install it autonomously

there is no need for cloud service providers to visit, and users can complete the installation autonomously, significantly reducing the deployment cost

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