Protective measures for temporary electricity use

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Protective measures for temporary electricity use in building construction

1. Staff handling

1. Installation, maintenance or cancellation rights, and electricity use projects must be completed by electricians. The electrician's grade should be compatible with the difficulty and ease of the project and the huge technology

2. All power users should:

1) grasp the basic knowledge of Enron power consumption and the basic functions of the equipment used

2) before using the equipment, you must wear and equip protective equipment for rest according to the regulations, and check whether the electrical assembly and shelter measures are perfect It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment with faults

3) the disabled equipment must be switched off and locked

4) serve as the load line, shelter zero line and switch box of the equipment used in the shelter Report and deal with achievements in a timely manner

3. The power utilization unit must establish a power utilization security sentry box system and understand the person in charge of power utilization. The staff on duty and maintenance staff must grasp the required electrical knowledge, pass the examination and obtain the certificate, grasp the electric shock rescue method and artificial respiration method, and often intervene in learning safely

4. It is not allowed to work without a certificate. If it is found that non electricians are engaged in electrical operations, it should be prevented in time

5. Strengthen Enron education, establish the indecent points of Enron production, and educate all efficiency staff to know the serious significance of Enron production, and actively calculate the key parameters such as maximum force, tensile strength, compressive strength, yield point, etc. Establish and improve relevant Enron laws, regulations and systems, and do not recite lessons

6. Strengthen the operation protection and inspection experimental tasks, do a good job in the regular inspection and inspection of electrical equipment, deal with the results found in time, and fill in the task record timely and accurately. In case of wind, rain, snow, fog and other despicable weather on New Year's Eve, the patrol inspection of electrical equipment should be strengthened

2, distribution lines

1, the construction site should be built, and the power branch lines should be buried with armored cables, and the insulated wires should be buried through steel pipes

2. The cable branch line shall be laid underground. It is strictly prohibited to set it in the air, and mechanical damage and medium corrosion shall be prevented. The depth of cable directly buried outdoors shall not be less than 0.6m, and fine sand not less than 50mm thick shall be evenly laid above and below the cable, and then covered with bricks and other hard protective layers

3. Protective sleeves must be added when cables pass through buildings, roads and other places prone to injury. Cables laid underground should be set in the junction box in the air. The junction box should be waterproof and dustproof. The cable discussion should be stable and reliable, and should be wrapped with insulation to maintain the insulation strength and do not accept tension

4. When the rubber cable is laid overhead, it should be set along the wall or pole and secured with insulators. It is strictly forbidden to use bare metal wires as binding wires. The distance between firm points should ensure that the rubber cable can accept the load brought by its own weight. The maximum sag of rubber cable shall not be less than 2.5m from the ground

5. The cable discussion should be stable and reliable; It shall also be wrapped with insulation to maintain the insulation strength and shall not accept tension

6. The cable shall be laid firmly along the wall or door, and the maximum sag shall not be less than 1.8m from the ground

7. Insulated wires shall be used for indoor wiring, and the height from the air shall not be less than 2.5 meters; The incoming line passing through the wall should be protected by a pipe, and the height from the air should not be less than 2.5 meters, and rain proof measures should be adopted; The outdoor end of the incoming line shall be secured by insulators

3. The distribution box and switch box

1. The switch box must be equipped with a discharge protector, which must be installed and used according to the product declaration. Portable electric opening devices and manual electric opening devices should be equipped with power discharge protectors with high activating measures

2. The extra discharge action current of the discharge protector of the switch box is not large, and then the signal is handled by the processor for 30mA, and the additional discharge action time should not be less than 0.1 seconds

3. The inlet and outlet of wires in the distribution box and switch box should be set at the bottom of the box, and it is strictly prohibited to set on the top, front, front or door of the box. The receiving branch line shall be sheathed, shunted into bundles and made into waterproof bends. The conductor bundle shall not be in direct contact with the inlet and outlet of the box. Rubber insulated cables must be used for the receiving and distributing lines of portable distribution boxes and switch boxes

4. The additional discharge action current and additional discharge action of the two-stage discharge shelter in the main distribution box and switch box should be reasonably combined to make it have the function of sectional protection

5. Distribution boxes with more than three circuits should be equipped with power discharge and shunt power discharge shelters. One switch should not be used for multiple purposes, so that one machine has one switch and one leakage. The electric devices in the distribution box, such as the discharge protector and switch, are equipped with professional technical support of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. welcome information. The measures are flexible, the contact is excellent, and the reliable contact has no serious ablation

6. Graded power distribution must be implemented for power distribution. The box devices and external settings of distribution boxes and switch boxes at all levels must be appropriate to the relevant regulations. The electrical appliances in the box must be reliable, and their type selection and setting values must be appropriate. The switching electrical appliances should be marked with their uses, and a wiring diagram should be drawn in the front door of the electrical box

7. The exterior of various distribution boxes and switch boxes should be complete, stable, rainproof and dustproof. The outside of the box should be painted with Enron color code, with the same number, and there are no sundries in the box. The power supply of the distribution box that is out of use shall be cut off and the door of the box shall be locked. The solid distribution box shall be fenced and provided with rain proof and smash proof measures

8. All distribution boxes and switch boxes shall follow the following operation, and each pressing plate shall be fixed with 2 screws; Operation sequence: power transmission operation sequence: main distribution box → distribution box → switch box; The sequence of power failure operation: switch box → distribution box → general distribution box (except for the emergency environment with electrical problems)

4. Lighting

1. The quality of site lighting fixtures and data should be appropriate to the provisions of relevant standards and standards. It must have excellent insulation, and it is not allowed to use appliances and equipment with aging or damaged insulation

2. The hanging height of solid lamps of indoor devices shall not be less than 2.5m, and that of outdoor devices shall not be less than 3m. Waterproof lamps shall be used in the open air

3. If 220V power supply is used for lighting in ordinary occasions, wiring and lamps must be installed according to the regulations, and a power discharge shelter must be installed on the side of the power supply. Enron voltage illuminators must be used in special occasions according to national standards

4. The office area and living area of the construction site should be equipped with lighting fixtures and use electric appliances according to the use and regulations. The lighting and catering machines and tools of the canteen must be equipped with a power drain protector. Sufficient lighting must be provided on all occasions where there are staff passing and construction activities on site

5. When using portable lamps and high-voltage lighting fixtures, the power supply voltage should not exceed 36V. The portable lamp body and handle should be firm and well insulated. The power supply should use rubber cables instead of plastic stranded wires. The transformer of portable lamp and high-voltage lamp shall be installed in the electric box, which is suitable for the requirements of outdoor electrical devices

6. When portable lighting is used on site, sealed rain proof lamps must be adopted. Metal lamps and metal supports shall be well protected from neutral connection, and the hand-held part of the metal frame pole shall be insulated. The power line uses sheathed cables, and the power side is equipped with a power discharge protector

7. For night construction, target grabbing white signals must be installed, and the power supply should be set in the front of the main power switch on site

5. Others

1. We and the owner should enter into an agreement on the right to use electricity for peace talks and understand the relevance of all parties. We will follow the agreement of the on-site handling documents, and do a good job in the supervision and handling of the construction of electricity measures and measures

2. Internal and external power lines in various construction activities shall be kept at safe intervals. When the minimum safe interval specified in the standard is not reached, reliable protection and monitoring measures must be taken

3. The independent power distribution system must adopt the three-phase five wire system neutral protection system according to the ministerial standards, and the non independent system can adopt the neutral connection or grounding protection system according to the actual environment on site. The metal shell, metal support and base of various electrical equipment and electric construction machinery must adopt reliable neutral and grounding protection according to regulations

4. At the same time of adopting the neutral or grounding shelter method, the power discharge shelter assembly must be set up step by step, and the graded shelter must be implemented to form a complete shelter system. The selection of discharge shelter assembly shall be properly specified

5. On site metal structures (lighting frame, vertical lifting assembly, super high scaffold) and various high-rise measures must be installed with lightning protection assembly as required

6. According to the relevant provisions of national standards, class II and class III insulated handheld electric devices are used. The insulation condition of things, power lines, plugs and sockets should be intact, the power lines should not be arbitrarily extended or adjusted, and the maintenance and inspection should be undertaken by professional staff

7. The electric welding machine should be equipped with a switch, and the shell of the electric welding machine should be connected to zero or grounded. The length of primary line shall be less than 5 meters. The wiring on both sides of the electric welding machine should be crimped securely and equipped with reliable protective covers. The electric welding handle wire should be in place with two lines. It is not allowed to use metal pipes, metal scaffolds, rails and layout reinforcement as the loop ground wire. The electric welding handle wire should use the public rubber multi strand soft copper cable, and the line should be well insulated without damage or exposure. The installation of electric welding machine shall adopt anti burying, anti soaking, anti rain and anti smashing methods. Exchange welding secret installation of public anti electric shock shelter assembly

8. Measures and equipment for power utilization at the construction site must use qualified products from normal manufacturers, and it is strictly prohibited to use unqualified products such as fake and inferior products. Enron electrical products must pass the certification of national professional testing institutions

9. When checking various distribution boxes, switch boxes, electrical equipment and electric construction machines and tools, the power supply must be cut off, the electrical connection must be cut off and the warning signs must be hung. During commissioning and commissioning, the operation method shall be confirmed and a special person shall be appointed for supervision

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