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Since the protection period of automobile control network, hackers have never had the opportunity to enter the automobile control network. However, this situation will change since Bluetooth technology and wireless local area bus system are adopted. The new technology called "trusted computing" will bring new safety protection to cars and realize protected data communication

mobile communication equipment using Bluetooth interface is a tool for future automotive mobile communication, but at the same time, it can also complete experiments such as pipe ring stiffness, ring flexibility, flat, zigzag, weld stretching, which is a paradise for hackers and viruses.

since the first electronic injection system without software control came out in 1967, today's engine controller has collected and controlled more than 10000 parameters. For example, in the high-end 7 Series cars produced by BMW, 70 different controllers are installed, as many as 10000 vehicle control parameters are used, the program code of the control software reaches 100MB, and there are 10million program statements for control and adjustment

with such a powerful adjustment and control ability, the adjustment parameters of the car when driving have been significantly improved. When buying a new car, users will not only get a new car in the traditional sense, but also may be equipped with the latest software provided by the seller, which can adjust the dynamic performance or fuel saving of the engine according to the price and driving state of gasoline. However, when the software is upgraded, the engine may "crash". This phenomenon may be called“ Cr@wn ”The result of the outbreak of the virus is that it makes the whole car unable to work normally. And this is indeed the problem that needs to be solved at present

in many cases, the driver is required to control the vehicle. After the electronic control system is adopted, the power of golf engine can be increased by 22KW and the output torque can be increased by 50N through Automotive Software for only 700 euros· m。

software upgrade

at present, the software upgrade also uses a physical interface to connect with the controller. In the future, it can use wireless transmission to communicate with the controller, but this also opens the door for hackers. Many experts believe that the possibility of the vehicle control software being controlled by hackers has greatly increased after the adoption of mobile communication network wireless communication technology. In the computer world, standardized vehicle networks such as wireless local area networks are the favorite targets of hackers, and it is easy to implant viruses such as wardriving

in order to avoid such a danger, the wireless local area network for logging in to a fixed location should not be considered for the communication network between vehicles in the future, and the dynamic peer-to-peer (connection between computers) structure should be adopted for phase reaction, so that every user can clearly log in and log out. Therefore, the implementation of this plan also requires the development of vehicle wireless communication technology protocols

BMW's invention is based on the "IBM Global Business Security Index report" protocol. It is a new product with anti-virus ability developed under the condition that computer viruses and worms are constantly flooding in mobile communication devices

Bluetooth technology

Audi and Samsung recently launched an interface for inputting music using Bluetooth technology. With the help of this interface, drivers can directly input their favorite music into car radios. More and more wireless transmission provides more powerful communication capabilities for the existing automotive bus system, but it also contains greater risks, especially the wireless communication based on the standard Bluetooth technology with security vulnerabilities

each Bluetooth connection requires a communication switch stored in the terminal device, or a communication switch that is updated every time. The received pin (personnel identification number) enters the communication switch determined by the communication security standard. For most users, the comfort of communication tools seems to be more important than the data security and operation security of communication, because most Bluetooth communication interface numbers have weak pins and the number of interfaces is small

pda is also very unsafe, because this small computer uses Windows CE system, and this operating system is a paradise for hackers and viruses, they can do whatever they want. In the long run, cars need a safe and reliable control system. At present, experts have developed an automotive electronic control system with a firewall. This emscb (European multi-national security workbench, upper beam connected to the full computing base through two columns) project, which can be invested by the federal government for three years, requires a wide range of security protection for automotive mobile communication technology

"trusted computing"

using a "virtual interface" generated by hardware, the traditional working system is separated from the hardware to generate the so-called "trusted computing". The protective layer of this automotive electronic communication system was successfully developed by Gelsenkirchen Institute of technology and Dresden University of technology, as well as sirrix and escrypt. The name of the product is "turata"

the engine controller that resists external control and is confirmed by the police agency can prevent cars from being stolen.

"trusted computing" requires verification by users and computer systems. Here, "trust" means waiting for the instrument or software to respond to a specific purpose and in a specified method and manner. Such a "trusted platform" can clearly identify the changes of the computer system, so that it can not only identify the entry of external software, but also identify the problems caused by configuration, function errors or security vulnerabilities

important data and switch control passwords are outside the unsafe working system and can be used when necessary

generally speaking, no data exchange can bypass the "trusted computing" system. Microsoft is also working hard on this system. As Microsoft is busy with the development and design of its new operating system vista, emscb's "trusted computing" has gone further. When Microsoft's password control experts built the hard disk password and safe startup mode based on "trusted computing" in Windows Vista system, emscb has completed the hard disk password setting and network connection. According to the estimation of computer experts of escrypt company, such chips can be put on the market within two years and appear in computers of various companies. While it is also a professional experimental machine solution expert in the research and development of the above projects, encrypt also works with Daimler Chrysler and Bosch Lambert to develop the automotive embedded system supported by kryptochip

the risk is greater when the data is not protected

thieves' preference

most stolen cars in Germany, such as BMW X5, are stolen by thieves using high-tech means: using a notebook computer or a specially developed bus controller, these devices open all the doors of the car. In the process of car theft, the data stored on the special chip of the controller is "modified" by the thief by rewriting, rewriting or deleting. Using the vehicle password installed by the stolen original software, thieves can disable the car's anti-theft device and steal the car

the spread of the virus

more than 10 years ago, a German automobile manufacturer copied the enterprise's report to disk, sent it to about 2000 people, and also spread the virus. Soon after, the car manufacturer had to distribute a large number of anti-virus programs to those who received the disks. The same situation has also occurred in an automobile factory in the United States. The very dangerous "monkey" virus has been spread. When this virus attacks, it will clear all data on the hard disk

master car key

disturbing news also came out in Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore: the "researchers" there invented the master car key, which can unlock the electronic keys of 150million cars around the world. She especially likes playing mahjong key passwords, which can read the key passwords in car theft detectors

professional thieves arrested

such a case occurred for the first time not long ago: the thief was sentenced for "carrying an instrument that invalidates the anti-theft device", and the court in Constance announced that he would be sentenced to 150 days of criminal detention. When the Swiss border authority inspected the two eastern Europeans, it found that they were carrying "cable interfaces for connecting electronic components" and five frequency converters, as well as the original software and program reading instruments used by BMW. (end)

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