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Provisions on the application for inspection of import and export commodities (issued by the State Administration for commodity inspection on August 21, 1989)

in order to strengthen the administration of the application for inspection of import and export commodities, these Provisions are formulated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law of the people's Republic of China on the timely contact with manufacturers and protection personnel when finding problems that cannot be handled in the inspection of import and export commodities

Article 1 inspection application units

1. Domestic enterprises with import and export management rights

II. Consignee of imported goods or its agent

III. export commodity production enterprises

IV. people related to foreign trade

v. Sino foreign joint ventures, Sino foreign cooperation and wholly foreign-owned enterprises

VI. permanent representative offices of foreign enterprises and commercial agencies in China

Article 2 scope of inspection application

I. import and export commodities in the list of categories

II. Sanitary inspection and Quarantine of exported food, and Quarantine of exported animal products

III. performance appraisal and use appraisal of packaging containers for export dangerous goods

IV. cabins and containers for transporting perishable food for export

V. import and export commodities that must be inspected by the commodity inspection authorities according to other laws or administrative regulations

VI. goods that China and the competent authorities of the importing country agree must be imported with the certificate of China's commodity inspection authority

VII. Commodities subject to inspection and certificate issuance by the commodity inspection authorities as stipulated in foreign trade contracts and letters of credit; It is increasingly widely used in machine tool processing, testing instruments and other industries. The system is more cost-effective than traditional methods to transform buildings

IX. entrusted inspection business

the commodity inspection authorities generally will not accept the application for inspection under one of the following circumstances:

1. The export commodities that should be inspected have been shipped for export without inspection

II. According to the division of labor, it is not within the scope of commodity inspection

Article 3 documents that must be provided when applying for inspection 1. When applying for inspection of imported goods, the applicant shall provide relevant documents such as foreign trade contract, foreign invoice, bill of lading, packing list and notice of arrival of imported goods

those who apply for the quality inspection of imported goods should also provide foreign quality certificates, instructions and relevant standards and technical data. If the transaction is based on samples, the transaction samples must be attached

those who apply for damage identification shall also provide relevant documents to prove the damage of goods, such as cargo tally damage list, railway business records, air transportation accident records or maritime reports

those applying for weight (quantity) identification shall also provide weight list, tally list, etc

if the imported goods have been accepted by the receiving and using departments or inspected by other units, relevant acceptance records, weight lists or inspection result reports shall be attached

II. When applying for inspection of export commodities, the applicant shall provide foreign trade contracts (confirmations), letters of credit and relevant documents, letters and telegrams. If a transaction is concluded based on samples, samples confirmed by both parties shall be provided. For commodities that apply for pre inspection, necessary inspection basis shall be provided

when the commodities that have been pre inspected in this region need to be exported in this region, the pre inspection result sheet issued by this bureau should be attached

the commodities inspected by other commodity inspection authorities must be attached with the original "certificate for renewal of export commodity inspection" issued by the commodity inspection authority at the place of shipment

for commodities that must go through health registration and export quality license with the commodity inspection authority, the health registration certificate, factory inspection certificate or export quality license issued by the commodity inspection authority must be attached

when the hygiene certificate is required for frozen, aquatic, livestock products and canned food, the hygiene registration certificate and factory inspection certificate issued by the commodity inspection authority must be submitted

III. application for inspection of application for identification business

the identification business applied for by foreign trade related parties shall be attached with relevant contracts, foreign invoices, bills of lading (waybills), business records, weight lists, lists of goods to be loaded, manifests, stowage plans, ship's letters and telegrams or written instructions, maritime reports or other relevant certificates according to the needs of identification work

IV. application for inspection of dangerous goods packaging inspection

(I) when applying for performance appraisal of dangerous goods packaging, the applicant must provide relevant data such as relevant product standards and process procedures

(II) when applying for the use identification of dangerous goods packaging, the applicant must provide the packaging performance identification report and relevant documents

v. application for entrusted inspection

(I) the applicant shall submit inspection samples, list inspection requirements, and provide relevant inspection standards or inspection methods when necessary

(II) when the foreign client entrusts the inspection and appraisal business, it shall provide relevant letters and telegrams or materials

Article 4 time limit and place of inspection application

after the arrival of imported goods that must be inspected by the commodity inspection authority, the receiving unit or the agent receiving unit shall register the imported goods with the commodity inspection authority at the port of arrival or the destination station by virtue of the notice of arrival of imported goods or other relevant documents

for the imported goods in the "category list" and the imported goods outside the "category list" that need to be inspected and certified by the commodity inspection authority for external claims, the receiving and using department or agent shall apply for inspection to the commodity inspection authority at the destination of the goods at least one-third of the time before the validity of the claim. If the claim period is approaching and it is too late to complete the inspection and certification, the applicant must go through the formalities of extending the claim abroad in advance

the damage inspection of imported goods shall be applied for inspection at the port

generally, bulk imported commodities should be applied for inspection at ports for weight verification

for a batch of imported goods that have arrived in several places, the receiving department or agent shall apply to the port commodity inspection authority for inspection and certificate issuance. If the whole batch inspection cannot be carried out at the port for some reason, it shall apply for ex situ inspection procedures

export commodities should be applied for inspection at least ten days before customs declaration or shipment for export. For individual commodities with a long inspection cycle, there should be time for cutting samples, inspection, etc. [page]

Article 5 requirements for inspection application

first, the applicant must carefully fill in the inspection application form required for inspection according to the regulations. Each application form is limited to filling in a batch of goods, so that the writing is neat, the handwriting is clear, and no random alteration is allowed. The items are filled in completely, the translation is accurate, the Chinese and English contents are consistent, and the official seal of the inspection application unit is affixed

II. If the applicant has special requirements for the contents of the required inspection certificate, it shall state it in advance on the inspection application form

III. The inspection fee shall be paid according to the regulations when applying for inspection

IV. The applicant shall agree on the time of sampling inspection and identification in advance and provide necessary working conditions for sampling, inspection and identification

v. for the export commodities that have been applied for inspection, if the letter of amendment to the letter of credit is issued from abroad, where the terms related to commodity inspection are involved, the inspection application unit must send the letter of amendment to the commodity inspection authority in time to go through the formalities of change

VI. if the applicant needs to cancel the application for inspection due to the fact that both ends of the test piece must be parallel during special experiments, the applicant can cancel the application after stating the reason in writing

VII. When receiving the certificate, the applicant shall truthfully sign his name and the time of receiving the certificate. Keep the certificate properly and do not lose it

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