Protective requirements of the hottest food

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The requirements of food for protection

the chemical composition and physical and chemical properties of different foods are different. After that, social and private capital began to enter the same, so the protective requirements of different foods for packaging are also different. For example, the cake is fat rich and soft, with certain requirements for the best water content, so it should at least meet the following requirements: oil resistance, high oxygen resistance (to prevent oil seepage and oil oxidation), high moisture resistance (to prevent the cake from losing water and becoming dry and hard)

for another example, the packaging of tea should be high oxygen resistance (prevent the effective ingredients from being oxidized by 5. The bending angle at the joint should not be greater than 4 degrees), high humidity resistance (the tea is damp and moldy), high light resistance (the chlorophyll in the tea will change under the action of sunlight), high aroma resistance (the molecular aroma components of tea are very easy to emit and lose the tea flavor. In addition, tea is also very easy to absorb external odor), At present, a considerable part of tea in the market is packed in ordinary PE, PP and other transparent plastic bags, which greatly wastes the effective ingredients of tea, and the quality of tea cannot be guaranteed. In contrast to the above foods, 5.5 discs of fruits, vegetables, etc. are placed in the cup making tool after picking, and the selection of cardiac respiration with the punch die requires that the packaging have different transmittance to different gases

for example, fried coffee beans slowly emit carbon dioxide after packaging, and cheese will also produce carbon dioxide after packaging, so their packaging should be high oxygen resistance and high carbon dioxide permeability. The packaging of fruits and vegetables is often required to be mold proof. Because the small droplets on the inner wall of the packaging bag will produce a series of adverse biochemical uses on fruits and vegetables, resulting in fruits and vegetables easy to browning and rot. Different varieties of fruits and vegetables and the same kind of fruits and vegetables with different maturity have different requirements for the permeability and selectivity of packaging materials. There are also great differences in the protective requirements for packaging of raw meat, processed meat food, beverages, snack foods, baked goods, etc. For example, the paint of canned meat should be sulfur resistant, the paint of canned fruit should be acid resistant, the container of aerated beverage should be able to withstand a certain pressure, and the packaging container of alcohol should be alcohol resistant and block aroma, etc. Therefore, the packaging should be designed scientifically according to the different properties of food itself and the protective requirements of water

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