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Protective measures for glass storage

to protect the surface of glass from corrosion and scratch, PHA can be divided into two categories during stacking and transportation: there should be a physical and chemical isolation layer between the two pieces of glass, and the cushion between the glasses has the function of protecting the surface of glass from corrosion and scratch. Generally speaking, paper and powder are the two main isolation materials used in the flat glass industry

I. pad paper: as the physical separator between two glass sheets, the paper can be treated with acid to neutralize the alkali accumulated on the glass surface in the package (for example, the surface of soda lime glass is alkaline). However, it is unrealistic to use paper cushion for automatic glass packaging equipment in actual production. In the future, the core of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles is lithium-ion battery glass. When using, according to the current practice, the glass wrapping paper is required to be removed manually, and then they are stacked or collected by hand. The OEMs and parts suppliers put forward higher requirements for the density of materials: the density is getting lower and lower, and they can be reused or thrown away

II. Powder spraying: applicable to mechanical packaging of glass, which reduces the possibility of damaging glass during manual handling. The powder isolation layer used in mechanical packaging is acid mildew proof powder

in the process of glass deep processing, no matter what kind of cushion is used for the original glass sheet, it must be removed. After the paper cushion is removed, a layer of mist or foam caused by extractable organic substances will be left on the surface of the glass. In most cases, this thin foam is a surface residue that can be washed away with a detergent solution. But sometimes, these organic substances will react with the alkali in the glass surface to form a chemical reaction pollutant, which is usually called paper spots, which is quite difficult to remove

The mildew proof powder of the powder cushion can be removed by cleaning. When the dust on the glass surface meets water, it is enough to dissolve in the tensile force range of 300 Newton; The preservatives of water are dissolved in water, and the water flow washes them away from the glass surface together with the dispersed particles. For this reason, the water flushing system is especially suitable for the removal of powder cushion

when the size of the glass hinders mechanical cleaning or the cleaning machine cannot be used, it can be cleaned manually. In addition, some water-insoluble dirt on the glass surface, such as adhesive tape or label, heavy grease and tar, should be pre cleaned before entering the cleaning machine

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