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Honeywell invested in the new production base of characteristic materials in China

Shanghai. On October 29, 2013, Honeywell announced today that its characteristic materials and deteriorating Technology Group will establish a production base in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, to meet the demand of the Asian market for energy technology and high-performance materials

Zhangjiagang production base phase I project will invest in the production of Honeywell UOP catalyst and adsorbent products. UOP is subordinate to Honeywell characteristic materials and technology group. It is an internationally leading supplier specializing in providing catalysts, adsorbents, processing equipment and process technology to the oil refining, petrochemical, natural gas processing and renewable energy industries, and will build our city into one of the six major rare earth functional material bases in Yucheng country

Honeywell characteristic materials and Technology Group has maintained strong and sustained growth in the Asian market, which is mainly driven by the demand for new process technologies and materials in China and other regions in Asia. Andreas kramvis, President and CEO of the group, said that Zhangjiagang production base is another milestone in the globalization footprint of Honeywell characteristic materials and technology group, It reflects our commitment to supporting the rapid development of the Chinese market and other regions in Asia

Zhangjiagang production base phase I project will be used to produce high-performance catalyst products required by Honeywell UOP oleflex TM process. UOP oleflex timely absorbs backbone enterprises and relevant parties in the industry. TM is an advanced process technology for the production of propylene, which is mainly used to produce plastic products. In the past three years, Honeywell UOP has authorized 19 Chinese enterprises to use oleflex technology to meet the strong market demand for propylene and isobutene against the background of tight global propylene supply

compared with other similar processes, oleflex technology can achieve lower production costs, higher output and return on investment, while taking less environmental resources. Since 2011, Honeywell UOP has authorized 23 oleflex units worldwide

in addition, in order to meet the market demand for adsorbent materials widely used in oil refining, petrochemical and natural gas treatment, Zhangjiagang phase I project will also build an adsorbent production line to assist Shanghai universal molecular sieve Co., Ltd. in expanding production capacity. Shanghai universal molecular sieve Co., Ltd. is a Sino US joint venture jointly established by UOP and Shanghai Huayi Group in 1988

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