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Honeywell helps Norwegian oil company realize remote operation

China, Beijing, January 12, 2012 - Honeywell (nyse:hon) today announced that the international energy giant Norwegian national oil company has selected Honeywell to implement the Experion process knowledge system (PKS) and Honeywell distributed system architecture (DSA) for its North Sea valleymon gas field platform. Honeywell distributed system architecture (DSA) will allow Honeywell to be widely active in enterprises, universities and research institutes. Neville Experion will integrate with the existing kvitebj RN platform of Statoil to realize remote control of the production facility, aiming to reduce the overall operation cost and reduce the risks related to resource recovery

valemon gas field is located 160 kilometers west of the Norwegian coastline. It is the largest development project of Statoil. The gas field contains up to 26billion cubic meters of natural gas and 5million cubic meters of condensate gas, equivalent to 1% of Norway's natural gas reserves

the implementation of Honeywell integrated control and safety system (ICSS) means that there is no need for on-site staff to intervene, the on-site work can be continuously controlled, and the safety of seabed and offshore operations can be fully monitored. All operations can be operated remotely from the current kvitebj RN platform. Honeywell's technology not only realizes the goal of unmanned offshore platform, but also reduces the investment and equipment and engineering investment required to achieve this goal. The distributed system architecture minimizes production costs and improves the safety of Norwegian oil company personnel, while reducing the risk of inconsistency in the implementation of repetitive ICSS databases over time

guantak Park, procurement manager of Samsung heavy industry, said: we chose Honeywell because its process knowledge system can be seamlessly integrated with existing technology. The high robustness and rich functions of Experion process knowledge system enable us to seek solutions to maximize production at low cost and on the premise of ensuring safety, which will have a positive impact on us in the fierce competition

the Honeywell process control department in Europe, the Middle East and Africa also provides various equipment information. Orhan Genis, vice president of sales area, said: the use of Honeywell distributed architecture (DSA) and process knowledge system in valemon shows a leading step in the field of resource recovery. The ability to work remotely makes it possible to mine undeveloped resources located in remote and difficult to reach dangerous areas, while helping to reduce costs and improve efficiency

the gas field plans to record the mold number of continuous or large or less than the average value and put it into production in 2014. The natural gas produced by valemon will be transmitted to European natural gas consuming countries through existing pipelines. Samsung Heavy Industries is the engineering, procurement and construction contractor (EPC) of the project

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