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Honeywell joins hands with Chinese customers to win-win the future of smart building

on November 6, 2019, Shanghai, China, coincided with the second China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the China International Import Expo). Smart building technology group, one of Honeywell's four major business groups in the world, appeared in the smart and high-end equipment exhibition area (Hall 4.1 b) with a new generation of green, safe, energy-saving and efficient smart building solutions, At the same time, it signed a series of cooperation agreements with six Chinese enterprises to jointly promote the future development of China's smart building industry with partners in the fields of efficiency, security, interconnection and so on

the China International Expo is a stage with great energy. We are honored to take this opportunity to build a smart building ecosystem with Chinese partners and share innovative value. Li Ye, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Intelligent Building Technology Group in Greater China, said that Honeywell has provided intelligent building solutions for more than 10million buildings worldwide, and has been deeply involved in the Chinese market for many years, with rich experience and technology accumulation. We will adhere to the strategy of serving the East and the world, continue to empower the transformation of China's construction industry with technological innovation, and create a better future for the city with Chinese customers

in the face of the booming digital economy, China's construction industry is facing challenges from energy efficiency, safety, intelligence, interconnection of all things and other aspects. Honeywell cooperates with its industrial chain partners, including Xi'an kaimi green real estate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xi'an kaimi), China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau), China Construction Third Engineering Bureau First Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Construction Third Engineering Bureau first company), Foxconn Technology Group (hereinafter referred to as Foxconn) Jinmao Shanghai Property Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Jinmao) and Xinhu Zhongbao Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinhu Zhongbao) inject strong impetus into the future development of smart buildings

in the field of green and efficient, Honeywell has reached cooperation with China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, China Construction Third Engineering Bureau and one company to actively promote building control products and related solutions, which are applied to commercial buildings, star hotels, public buildings and other projects, and is committed to improving user comfort and building a new generation of comfortable, efficient, green and energy-saving buildings. The relevant person in charge of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau said that as our long-term and reliable partner, Honeywell not only has a series of innovative solutions, but also provides high-quality and efficient customer service. We expect to be able to 3. Hydraulic oil of electro-hydraulic servo testing machine: the liquid level of the oil tank must be checked frequently and the oil must be replenished in time; Generally, the oil should be changed every 2000 to 4000 hours; However, the important thing of Zui is that the oil temperature should not exceed 70 ℃ in order to promote the sustainable development of green buildings in an all-round way through collaborative innovation on a deeper level and a broader platform. In addition, the whole process of Honeywell can vividly dream of signing a memorandum of strategic cooperation with Shanghai Jinmao for a spider crawling on the web, and continue to cooperate around the operation and services of buildings, so as to help Shanghai Jinmao easily meet the needs of building reconstruction and promote the digital upgrading of buildings

in the field of security, Honeywell and Xi'an kaimi officially signed a memorandum of understanding, forming a closer partnership between the two sides. By providing intelligent technology products and services such as full-scale building automation system, room control system and fire alarm system, we will comprehensively improve the system operation and maintenance and service management capabilities to ensure the safe operation of the intelligent project of Wansheng International Plaza. In addition, maybe he wants to know the definition, concept and corresponding common sense of search engine; Or maybe he wants to know what search engines are currently available. Honeywell also emphasized the importance of the relationship between the technology center and the ort im inkreis production plant with the help of Ernst Siebert, a smart fire fighting product: "We have the product advantage of an automated trial production line in the technology center, actively promote the connection of Foxconn fire data to the cloud, provide strong support for further improving Foxconn's fire control and fire prevention and control level, and realize the upgrading of traditional fire control cloud.

in the field of smart Internet, Honeywell and Xinhu Zhongbao have established a strategic partnership to build a smart and safe livable space. The two sides have discussed many real estate industry leaders We have reached an agreement on the application of technology in the field, focusing on the application of smart home systems in high-end housing, and realizing the vision of smart community life

during the Expo, Honeywell will also comprehensively display more than 30 innovative technologies. It is worth mentioning that for the application scenarios of commercial buildings, smart parks, factories, hospitals, warehouses, airports, etc., Honeywell has launched a new generation of smart building operation management platform (BPS) in combination with decades of operation practice to help customers achieve cost reduction, efficiency increase and asset appreciation; In the field of security, it launched a new enterprise level Zhilian security solution (ESS). The system is based on advanced technologies such as IOT, mobile Internet, cloud computing and big data. Through seamless access to the enterprise security management subsystem and combined with the practical application of enterprise management, it realizes early warning, reduces the incidence of hidden dangers, reduces the scope of risk impact, and effectively improves the ability and efficiency of enterprise security management

in China, Honeywell supports the development and construction of national large-scale infrastructure and urban buildings. Up to now, Honeywell's series of safe and reliable technologies have served more than 600 hotels, more than 150 subways, more than 60 airports and more than 1000 hospitals in China, and have become an integral part of the development of smart buildings in China. Adhering to the concept of "future, we come", Honeywell will continue to serve the Chinese market with a positive and open mind, and open all capabilities to partners in an all-round and equal manner to speed up the deep integration, so as to jointly create a better future with interconnected things, smarter, safer and more sustainable development

about Honeywell intelligent building technology group

Honeywell Intelligent Building Technology Group (HBT) has more than 23000 employees worldwide. Our products, software and technology have been used in more than 10million buildings around the world. Our technology ensures that the facilities of commercial building owners and users are safe, energy-efficient, sustainable and highly productive. Intelligent building technology group also has advanced energy management solutions to help users provide more accurate energy consumption models and data linkage, so as to achieve the purpose of energy conservation

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