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Honeywell launched a new generation of PX3 series pressure sensors

this sensor series can help industrial HVAC and refrigeration equipment manufacturers better monitor the pressure and task status in equipment fragmentation, so as to reduce the energy consumption of related equipment

under the harsh environment of refrigeration, Honeywell PX3 series biosensor can maintain stable operation under the external temperature environment of -30 ℃ to 50 ℃, and has stable and excellent performance in terms of insulation resistance, insulation strength and frost resistance. At the same time, PX3 series sensors can also stabilize tasks in the electromagnetic environment surrounded by wire signals, radio frequency (RF) communications and electronic equipment

within the temperature range set by HVAC and refrigeration equipment, the monitoring accuracy of sensing equipment determines whether the sensing signal is true, comprehensive, clear and valuable. The total error range (TEB) of Honeywell PX3 series biosensor fluctuates up and down by no more than 1%. In the process of continuously monitoring the outlet pressure of the compressor, the outlet pressure of the refrigerator, the outlet pressure of the evaporator coil and the outlet pressure of the cooling tower, the high-precision pressure signal input of the Honeywell PX3 series biographic sensor can help the on-site management staff better optimize the building automation control system and efficiency

the pressure measurement value of PX3 series biosensor ranges from 1bar to 46bar (0.1 MPa -4.6 MPa composed of sprocket and chain). Moreover, the sensor can build pressure type and medium isolation 9 The design of the parking and port type of pelletizer operation is flexible for design engineers to choose

in addition to being used together with simple hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants, Honeywell PX3 series biosensors can also be used in many new generation refrigerants that can help slow down the process of global warming, such as oil, smooth oil, air, water and hydraulic oil. PX3 series biosensor can be widely used in various environments including compactors, roof chillers, cold storage equipment in grocery stores, etc; The potential utilization is also effective in the heavy transportation industry, air fragmentation and hydraulic oil pressure monitoring

Joshua Edberg, global business director of sensors in Honeywell's sensing and productivity processing solutions department, said: "HVAC should first take a resource-saving development path. Enterprises and building operators are very concerned about increasing energy consumption and improving the effectiveness of building automation. Honeywell's new generation of PX3 series heavy-duty sensors are durable and accurate. This will allow customers to produce products with excellent performance and help them achieve the best performance within a reasonable cost."

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