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Honeywell and Hillsboro reached an agreement on the supply of solar panels

Honeywell announced that the company had won a solar engineering contract from Hillsboro. The project hopes to reduce urban energy costs and greenhouse gasification emissions. According to the contract between the two parties, Honeywell will install ground solar panels in the vergreen pond water storage plant next to Hillsboro e, which has also developed rapidly with the change of social tide

these solar energy fuel savings can exceed 2500 liters; At the same time, the greenhouse gas emissions of about 9 grams of carbon dioxide equivalent per kilometer will be reduced, and the power generated will be sold to the city's reservoirs for use. The solar panel provided this time is expected to generate more than 104000 kwh of electricity every year, which is transparent, soft and non-toxic. 20% of the electricity is provided to the city's 15million gallon reservoir for daily use

as a non-profit organization, energytrustoforegon advocates the use of efficient energy technologies and renewable resources. This will help some of them to conduct 1000 hours of continuous experiments to fund the solar power generation project. Honeywell will also work with renewable energy advocacy group NRG to install solar panels. Solarworld group, a global manufacturer with solar technology and modern manufacturing plants in Hillsboro, will provide solar template and hardware installation services

tomhughes, mayor of Hillsboro, said: "this project directly supports our 2020visionaction plan. This plan will focus on the rapid development of the city and community development and construction. This power purchase contract will enable us to stabilize and reduce the cost of civil facilities, and benefit the economic development of Hillsboro by using local resources

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