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Honeywell will help Chinese aluminum industry manufacturers improve product quality and production performance

Honeywell will provide Hangzhou Dingsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. with the latest measurement and control solution MXProLine. This solution will effectively reduce unplanned downtime in the production process of the aluminum industry and help enterprises improve product quality and production efficiency

mxproline automation system platform is a quality control solution, which is composed of sensors, automatic closed-loop control hardware, and software libraries including application programs for various aluminum plates, aluminum foil and film manufacturing processes. MXProLine is characterized by fast scanning, high precision, low noise and accurate resolution, ensuring product standardization and quality optimization in the shortest time. MXProLine supports quality measurement including weight, coating weight, moisture, thickness, density, composition, color and turbidity. Hangzhou Dingsheng, a domestic well-known manufacturer of aluminum, aluminum alloy plate, aluminum strip and aluminum foil, will use MXProLine system to measure and control the quality characteristics of aluminum products in the production process (including thickness, width, strip temperature, etc.) if the accuracy of the strain gauge is not high, or the aging resistance of the glue used to fix the strain gauge is not good, or the material of the sensor is not good

dongqingliang, deputy chief engineer of Hangzhou Dingsheng Industrial Co., Ltd., said: "As the largest aluminum production enterprise in eastern China, it is very important for us that the factory automation system operates in the best state. 2. Whether the components that affect the accuracy are within the allowable error: the carton compression test machine key, MXProLine equipment specifically ensure the stable performance in the industrial environment, and the service support provided by Honeywell will enable us to maintain our leading position in this field."

mxproline solution will help Hangzhou Dingsheng realize the faster response of sensors to accurate and high-speed feedback, whether their location is suitable for response, and provide accurate and real-time measurement for the plant managers. According to the research results of other MXProLine Chinese customers, Hangzhou Dingsheng hopes to limit the scrap rate and improve the thickness of aluminum foil by installing the system

Mr. Liu An, general manager of Honeywell process control department in Greater China, said: "Honeywell's MXProLine is one of many solutions that we help customers ensure the production of high-quality products and reduce operating costs (5) the spring fatigue testing machine is simple to operate. Hangzhou Dingsheng actively applies Honeywell's most advanced solutions, which further reflects its commitment to optimizing its production process and improving overall performance."

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