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Honeywell and Palo Alto networks cooperate to strengthen the protection of industrial control systems

Houston, USA, March 1, 2016 - Honeywell process control department recently announced that the cooperation with Palo Alto networks will promote and test the installation of test equipment on aircraft, which came into being to strengthen the network safety performance of industrial production facilities and key infrastructure

Honeywell industrial network security business will provide its industrial customers with Palo Alto network's next-generation security platform. The cooperation between the two sides can help customers better prevent network attacks against their process control network (PCN) and operation technology (OT) environment, protect customer assets, and maximize the online time and production safety of chemical plants

this joint solution provides unparalleled process network traffic monitoring and advanced threat prevention measures in the entire automated environment. It combines Palo altoro's advanced integrated security platform and Honeywell's proprietary experience in the process control industry to provide customers with customized network security solutions. This next generation product will further complement and strengthen Honeywell's comprehensive network security solution series, and it also includes an industrial network security risk management platform

the cooperation with Palo altoro has further strengthened our ability to actively prevent network intrusion. At the same time, it is also another measure of Honeywell's unique multi supplier strategy. It ensures that we can integrate the industry's leading technology and mature industry experience, so that customers can rely on our network security capabilities, quickly and efficiently prevent threats, and focus on daily production activities

- Jeff zindel, vice president of Honeywell process control and general manager of network security business

connecting key infrastructure to industrial IOT can bring huge benefits in detecting such impact damage, but at the same time, there are also network risks. We cooperate with Honeywell to provide next-generation security products and provide customers with unique threat detection and prevention capabilities in the industry

- senior vice president of Palo Alto network business and enterprise development department, Chad kinzelberg

Honeywell industrial network security is the industry-leading network security solution supplier, providing safe and reliable data for production facilities, important infrastructure and industrial IOT. Using the industry-leading process control and network safety expertise and experience, Honeywell provides mature and complete solutions for the special needs of customers in the industrial field

for more information about Honeywell industrial network security solutions and Palo Alto's next-generation security platform, please visit Honeywell process control and Palo Alto officials

about Honeywell characteristic materials and technology group

Honeywell characteristic materials and technology group is the world's leading supplier of characteristic materials, process technology and automation solutions. The group's characteristic materials business specializes in the production of a wide range of high-performance products, such as environmentally friendly refrigerants, and production materials for various end products, including bulletproof vests, nylon, computer chips, and pharmaceutical packaging. The process technology developed by the UOP () business under the characteristic materials and technology group of Neville has laid the foundation stone for the development of most oil refining enterprises in the world and helped enterprises efficiently produce gasoline, diesel, coal aviation, petrochemical products and renewable fuels. Process control under the group (3) installation and use; Department () is an industry pioneer in providing automatic control systems, instruments and services, serving the oil and gas, oil refining, pulp and paper, power generation, chemical and petrochemical, biofuels, life sciences, as well as the metal, mining and mining industries

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Honeywell () is a diversified, high-tech advanced manufacturing enterprise, one of the fortune 100. Globally, its business involves aviation products and services, building, home and industrial control technology, turbocharger and characteristic materials. Honeywell's history in China can be traced back to 1935. At that time, Honeywell opened its first Distribution Agency in Shanghai. At present, the three major business groups of Honeywell have all settled in China, and the Asia Pacific headquarters of all its business departments have also moved to China, with many branches and joint ventures in more than 20 cities in China. Honeywell has about 12000 employees in China. For more company information, please visit Honeywell China, or follow Honeywell's official Weibo and official website

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